Technology and Innovation

SABIC’s Technology and Innovation (T&I) division works closely with our strategic business units to help us improve our manufacturing processes and develop new technologies. These innovations strengthen our technical know-how and give us a vital competitive edge, allowing our affiliates – and our customers – to improve the quality of their products.

As a measure of our success, in 2008, SABIC filed 500 new applications all over the world, bringing the total number of proprietary patent applications to 5,756 and the number granted to 7,173.

SABIC Technology Center in Houston, Texas

An important part of our global research and technology operations are undertaken at the SABIC Technology Center (STC) in Sugar Land, Houston, Texas. The Technology Center was established in 1997 as part of a strategy to develop and expand our R&T capabilities around the world. The Houston facility is expected to make a significant contribution to the company’s growth in the coming years. Together with Houston, SABIC has established technology centers in Vadodara, India and in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia. This enables us to pool research talent from across the world and to support our strategy of ‘technology-led growth.’

The Technology Center in Houston has now been moved to a modern laboratory in the suburb of Sugar Land to facilitate its further expansion. Housed on a five-acre site, the complex was built in 1997 and covers 38,000 square feet (1,073 square meters), including 18,000 square feet (510 square meters) of laboratory facilities. The laboratory was designed in accordance with the most advanced international standards in scientific research and technology.

After acquiring the complex in 1999, SABIC redesigned the laboratory facilities to meet its research and development requirements. The Technology Center's move into the new facility was completed in August, 2000. STC Houston has been focusing on catalyst research and has been making an increasing contribution to SABIC's research and technology activities over the past three years.