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In today’s business world we know that both quarterly targets and longer term strategies are important. We get how business works and what brings sustained growth and market leadership.

That’s why we’re grounded in materials – but ultimately we help POWER OUR CUSTOMERS’ COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for the long term.

It is from our customers’ commercial ambitions that we challenge the status quo. It is with relentless drive and genuine commitment that we deliver on that challenge.

We bring together unparalleled capabilities:

  • Ingenuity is our lifeblood
  • A passion for collaborative working
  • A legacy of creating innovative applications
  • Depth and scale of activities

Our expertise creates tailored material solutions that help our customers change the world for good.

SABIC is the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals.

Annual Report 2012

SABIC Corporate Brochure

SABIC Corporate Brochure

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Sustainability 2012 Report

Sustainability 2012 Report