Performance Chemicals

SABIC Performance Chemicals aims to diversify the SABIC product portfolio and play an important role for the entire company. It will accelerate exploration of new “chemical and polymer value chains” to meet existing and new customer needs. SABIC Performance Chemicals will bring more than 30 new products to market within the next few years. It operates three Business Units: Base Products, Functional Chemicals, and Functional Polymers.

Our valued customers will be supported locally by SABIC’s new Plastics Application Development Center in Riyadh, as well as the Technology and Innovation centers located around the world . The new product range with an anticipated capacity close to 2000 KTA, will extend across most applications. These products will contribute to the development and support of the downstream industries; automotive, construction, appliances, consumer goods, electronics, packaging, chemicals, food, textile and pharmaceutical.

Performance Chemicals SBU’s goals are to ensure sustainable growth and reliable long term supply, meeting customers’ requirements for value-added products , support Saudi Arabia’s downstream industrial growth plans and create opportunities for employment in downstream industries, bring new technologies and capabilities to Saudi Arabia’s industries and educational institutions .