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LNP™ KONDUIT™ Compound

  • Grades Available: 12
  • Available in: Europe, Asia, Americas
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LNP™ KONDUIT™ Compound

General Information


KONDUIT compounds were the first thermally conductive composites commercially available. From 10 to 50 times more thermally conductive than conventional unfilled thermoplastics, Konduit compounds can conduct heat away from devices into a heat sink or the surrounding air, designed to extend product life and enhance design freedom.


HIGH THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY Provide thermal conductivity of 1-18 W/mK, enough for large amounts of heat transfer, opening up new freedom for part design and metal replacement.

STRENGTH Small amounts of glass fiber reinforcement can be added to improve the strength of Konduit compounds.

INCREASED OPERATING EFFICIENCY AND LIFE SPAN Thermal conductivity can increase the electrical efficiency of encapsulated motors by lowering the operating temperature, resulting in more available power and torque, lower current draw, faster response time, and longer device life than hotter-running devices.

COEFFICIENTS OF EXPANSION COMPARABLE TO METAL Can be formulated to approximate the coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) of many metals, potentially reducing product failure and extending product life.

ENHANCES DESIGN FREEDOM Provides vibration damping and are injection moldable.


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