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SABIC polymers are always improving. Our experts constantly find innovative ways to improve the performance of these advanced materials and their environmental performance.

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Latest News3Certified Renewable Polyolefins 

In order to serve our customers throughout the value chain who increasingly need sustainable packaging solutions to meet consumer and regulatory demands, SABIC is the first Petrochemicals company to be able to produce renewable second generation PP & PE. 
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Latest News2Healthcare

With the introduction of two healthcare grades, SABIC® PP PCGR40 and a lubricated variant, SABIC® PP PCGR40L, SABIC is expanding the tailored healthcare portofolio that ensures smart packaging, secure use and safe disposal of healthcare products.
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Latest News1Pipes

For the construction industry, delivering reliable, cost effective and sustainable water and sanitation management systems is a necessity. Responding to these challenges, SABIC has launched SABIC® PP RELY 61EK61 PS. Pipes
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