This product is a blend of eicosene-1, docosene-1, tetracosene-1, hexacosene-1, octacosene-1 and triacontene-1 made by the Alpha-Sablin® process.


Density Ib/gal at 71°C6.45-6.55
Pour point°C28
Cloud point°C32
Flash point°C210-220
Kinematics viscosity at 99°Cmm2/s2.4


Carbon number, C20-24mass %65 min, 75 max
Carbon number, C26-28mass %7 min, 13 max
Carbon number, C30+mass %10 min, 14 max
n-Alpha olefinmass %65 min
Branched olefinsmass %15 max
Internal olefinsmass %15 max
Paraffinsmass %5 max
Peroxides as active Oppm, wt %< 5
Carbonyls as C=Oppm, wt %< 10
Waterppm, wt %50

Hazards and safety

Alpha Olefins are potentially hazardous materials. Everyone concerned with handling must be aware about the nature of the hazards and trained on the handling procedures. The material data sheet is a good reference for training purposes.


It can be used in oil filed chemicals, wax replacement and lube oil additives.

Storage and handling

Alpha Olefins are stored under nitrogen blankets to prevent the formation of peroxides and minimize the escape of vapors. Inhibitors to help prevent the formation of peroxides can be added to the material as per request. Alpha Olefins have little environmental health and safety risks. Care should be given to the transportation facilities in order to protect the environment, people and the product quality. C20+ alpha olefin product requires a coiled and insulated tank. The product should be maintained within a specified temperature range. The product lines should be insulated and steam traced.