PYGAS (Pyrolysis Gasoline)


Pyrolysis gasoline. Pygas is a naphtha-range product with a high aromatics content used either for gasoline blending or as a feedstock for a BTX extraction unit. Pyrolysis gasoline is produced in an ethylene plant that processes naphtha, butane or gasoil.


ParameterUnitQuantityTest Method
Benzenevol %50 min.ASTM D-5134
Toluenevol %R & RASTM D-5134
Xylene/Ethyl benzenevol %R & RASTM D-5134
Total C5’s and lightervol %1 max.ASTM D-5134
Total C9’s and heaviervol %1 max.ASTM D-5134
Sulfurppm, wt10 max.ASTM D-3120
H2S, SO2 and Mercaptans-NilASTM D-3120

- ASTM : American Society for Testing and Materials.
- R&R : Run & Record only.