Al-Jubail Industrial City.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


11 th -14 th November 2012

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Welcome to the 10th SABIC Technical & Innovation Meeting

Greetings, Vice Chairman_image

I am pleased to announce that the 10th SABIC Technical & Innovation Meeting (STIM-10) is scheduled for 11-14 November 2012, at Al-Jubail Industrial City. This collaborative technology and innovation platform has become a prominent event representing a unique opportunity for scientists, researchers, chemists, engineers and technical experts from SABIC world to network and build on cumulative experience.

This time, we have emphasized the innovation part of the event and reflected it to permanently change from (STM) to (STIM). It is a demonstration of SABIC predominant culture of innovation where everybody in our organization is working to achieve further successes. Innovation will be considered as one of the most important criteria in the whole event proceedings. Innovation is turning ideas into profitable products, services, technical processes, and/or business processes.

Let us commit our energies and resources to make STIM-10 a great success.

Together we can make a difference.

Best regards

Vice Chairman
Hassan Ali Al-Ghannam