Hot Dip Galvanized Coil

A well protected steel with uniform galvanized coating thickness and excellent mechanical properties. It is manufactured to have a long durability, strong corrosion resistance and shiny surface.

SABIC Galvanized Steel features excellent forming properties, paintability, weldability, and is suitable for fabrication by forming, pressing and bending. Applications include domestic applications, building applications (e.g. wall elements, roofing applications…), automotive applications, lighting fixtures, drums and various kinds of section applications, profiled sheets.

Product Forms

Cold Rolled Galvanized Coils
Cold Rolled Galvanized Coils (also available in Slit Form)


• G90 (375g/m2) • G60 (180g/m2) • G40(120g/m2) • G30 (90g/m2)

Extra services available:

• Cromating • Oiling • Skinpassing with mini, zero or regular spangle surface.

Dimensions / Sizes

Processed Product

Thickness Range (mm)Width Range (mm)
Galvanized Coil0.3 to 2.0850 to 1400
Galvanized Slit Coil0.3 to 2.075 to 800
Inner diameter : 610 (510 mm on prior agreement
Outer diameter : 1950 mm max

Products Qualities

  • CQ - Commercial Quality steel for structural applications
  • SQ - Structural Quality steel for applications that need more draw ability
  • LFQ - Lock Forming Quality
  • DQ - Drawing Quality
  • DDQ - Deep Drawing Quality

Example of Uses & Applications

Structural QualityStructural Quality (SQ)

Steel Mesh
Commercial QualityCommercial Quality (CQ)

Steel Drums
Lock Forming QualityLock Forming Quality (LFQ)

Washing Machines
Drawing QualityDrawing Quality (DQ)

Food Microwaves
Extra Drawing QualityExtra Drawing Quality (DDQ)

Air-Conditioning Ducts