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Product Stewardship

SABIC is committed to compliance with all applicable chemical and product regulations and has allocated resources to ensure that company-tailored product stewardship and toxicology practices and procedures are in place.  SABIC’s extensive global Product Stewardship group employs a risk assessment process, considering full chemical composition, including impurities, byproducts and catalysts, for all SABIC products to understand their potential hazard (human health & environment) and regulatory impact.  The Product Stewardship group guides the business with product planning and uses this risk assessment process to help prioritize products under Responsible Care. This assessment evaluates the product against well-established toxicological, regulatory and industry standard criteria to appropriately identify and manage potential risks.  SABIC also strives to communicate proactively to our employees, customers, distributors and communities about the hazards and risks of our products.

Through multi-generation product planning, we are continuously introducing new, "greener" materials and products, taking into account the potential impacts on human health and the environment. We have rigorous programs in place to conduct toxicological evaluations for existing and new raw materials. In addition, through pro-active monitoring and targeted compliance activity, the Product Stewardship group partners with the SABIC product development staff by guiding the design of products that will be market-ready around the globe through timely chemical registration and notification.

Government legislation and customer standards that apply to product compositions continue to increase in number, complexity and stringency. We have established internal processes to ensure our products comply with these regulations and customer standards through raw material controllership and design, product design, and rationalization of potentially non-compliant products.

Extensive processes to ensure compliance with global chemical registration and inventory requirements allow SABIC to manufacture and/or sell its products in regulated markets (such as the U.S.A., EU, Canada, Japan, Australia, Korea, China, Philippines, Switzerland and New Zealand).  Our product stewardship and toxicology team working closely with other functional groups within SABIC such as the Procurement and Supply Chain organizations ensure registration and inventory compliance. We constantly monitor regulatory changes (e.g. enforcement of new rules/regulations such as EU REACH, listing/delisting of substances from chemical inventories, etc.) and, where needed, conduct the required safety assessments and submit data to the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Finally, the Product Stewardship and Toxicology team monitors and advises the business on new product regulations, legislation, and standards. Part of stewardship’s role is to work with agencies to develop the scientific information and data needed to create protective and feasible laws and regulations. 

ICCA GPS Safety Summaries

The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) is the worldwide voice of the chemical industry, representing chemical manufacturers and producers all over the world. ICCA has established the Global Product Strategy (GPS) Chemicals Portal to provide the public with easy access to science-based, reliable information on chemicals. The GPS Safety Summaries contained on the Portal provide the most relevant product safety information from companies on the chemical products they manufacture in a language that non-specialists will find easy to understand.

Establishing a base set of information and publishing GPS Safety Summaries for their chemicals in commerce is part of the GPS commitment of ICCA member companies – and part of the chemical industry's commitment to transparency.

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