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Our solutions

Today, the world is facing an unprecedented challenge with COVID-19. In these turbulent and uncertain times, healthcare and food security have become areas of critical concern across the globe.

At SABIC, we are collaborating with our partners and prioritizing requests for the much-needed materials to customers to urgently develop innovative solutions to help address these pressing challenges. These include:

COVID-19 Test Kits

The materials required for these test kit cartridges must meet stringent medical requirements with properties including strong chemical resistance and impact resistance to protect the healthcare workers conducting the tests, and high clarity to allow visibility of the chemical reactions inside the test kit.

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Ventilators & Intensive Care Equipment

Our engineering thermoplastics portfolio includes solutions that are flame retardant, biocompatible and have strong chemical resistance to withstand potential corrosion from the strong disinfectants used in hospitals, which makes them suitable for healthcare related applications. These properties enable our customers to produce hundreds of thousands of ventilators, respiratory masks and other critical medical devices that help save lives across the globe.

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Materials for speed-building hospitals

As governments and health authorities across the world raced to build hospitals to house coronavirus patients, we collaborated with our customers in the building & construction industries to enable them to lay key infrastructures such as pipes for water and gas that are easy to assemble, and anti-bacterial cladding sheets to serve as hygienic and safe partitions for internal surfaces.

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Protective Screens and Barriers

Essential workers working in supermarkets, food service areas and pharmacies are exposed to hundreds of people everyday. To safeguard their health, screen barriers and partition walls were designed to help minimize their exposure to viruses and bacteria.

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Personal Protection Equipment

Surgical masks are being used by healthcare professionals and the general public in greater volumes since the COVID-19 outbreak. Did you know these disposal surgical masks, gowns as well as medical goggles, gloves and hair nets are made from plastics?

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Packaging for Food and Sanitizers

Health and hygiene are more important than ever before. We are developing smarter and safer packaging solutions to keep food fresher longer, safe from potential contamination and provide convenience for consumers.

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