SABIC Nordic A/S was established in 2004 and currently serves more than 100 various sized companies with many different manufacturing techniques within the plastics industry. We are proud of being responsible for an enormous area - the Nordic – which is approximately 10 times as big as Germany, and of the cultural bonds the four sovereign nations in the North have in common. The office, based in Hørsholm, is just 25 kilometres north of the Danish capital Copenhagen.

We have a strong position in most market segments within PE and PP, with particular emphasis on film extrusion, pipe extrusion ("pressure" as well as "non-pressure"), blow moulding and injection moulding. We cover these markets with a full range of PE and PP materials (LDPE, LLDPE C4 & C6 based, HDPE mono- and bimodal types, PP Co- and Homopolymers, PP Random types and special compounds for automotive applications). You are always welcome to visit us, give us a call or write us an email and we will present our product portfolio in depth and see whether or not there is a "fit" between what you make or want to make and what we can supply!

Last but not least, we learned long ago at SABIC that our customers’ concerns are our concerns. That is why we invest in building long-term relationships although it of course only is what you could expect from a company whose motto is "CHEMISTRY THAT MATTERS™".

Contact Details

SABIC Nordic A/S
Kogle Allé 2
DK-2970 Hørsholm
Tel: +45 33 32 49 18

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Plastics product portfolio

SABIC® LLDPELinear low density polyethylene
SABIC® LDPELow density polyethylene
SABIC® HDPEHigh density polyethylene
SABIC® Vestolen AHigh density polyethylene
SABIC® PPPolypropylene
SABIC® Vestolen PPolypropylene
SABIC® PPcompoundPolypropylene compound
SABIC® STAMAXLong glass fibre reinforced polypropylene

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