The Chemicals SBU is the largest of SABIC’s five Strategic Business Units, comprising more than 60% of SABIC’s total annual output. SABIC is ranked as a market leader in the production of, among others, ethylene glycol and MTBE. The Chemicals SBU consists of three major units: olefins and gases, glycols and oxygenates. SABIC produces a variety of products in each of these units. These include the bulk of the raw materials used by the other petrochemical SBUs of SABIC (e.g. the Polymers SBU), allowing SABIC to occupy a leading position in the petrochemical industry; as well as meeting the needs of local, regional, and global markets.

SABIC Europe operates on three petrochemical production sites: in Geleen (the Netherlands), Teesside (the United Kingdom), and Gelsenkirchen (Germany). These allow SABIC Europe to contribute over 5.0 million metric tons of basic chemicals to SABIC’s overall production.

Over the years it has established communication and transport links with many customers and suppliers around the world, and it works continuously to strengthen these links.
In terms of cost position, SABIC ranks among the best in Europe. It continually invests in technology and innovation in order to optimize production and to provide better services to our customers: this includes modernizing the downstream plants and the three crackers located in Europe (two in the Netherlands and one in the UK). As a result, the business group has increased its competitive strength and established one of the most integrated sites in Europe, and it is able to make a valuable contribution to the overall output of SABIC.

Chemicals Europe also derives a major competitive edge from its connection to the ARG ethylene pipeline network, which is linked to the two crackers located in the Netherlands.