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We manage EHSS risks through a global organization comprising five key functions: Health, Safety, and the Environment; Security; Global Assurance; Process Risk Management; and Product Stewardship. These centers of excellence support and strengthen EHSS performance at sites and in regions. EHSS policies set the direction and guide our journey to become leaders in the chemical industry by conducting operations beyond compliance. 


• Recorded a 14 percent decrease in annual EHSS rate.
• Launched a new, streamlined Operations Management System. 
• Revamped KPIs for affiliates. 
• Launched a Product Stewardship and Manufacturing Center of Excellence.
• Enhanced our value chain communications.

Key metrics and annual trends

  • Environment, Health, Safety, Security rate



  • Environment, Health, Safety, Security rate


    * Assured by KPMG

  • Customer product-safety inquiries




SABIC’s leadership has created a robust governance system to ensure that our EHSS culture is supported by teams with real accountability. 

The EHSS Executive Council, comprising SABIC’s Vice-Chairman and CEO, executive vice presidents, EHSS  functional leaders, and members of the legal team, meets biannually to review performance, establish milestones, and review strategic programs and company-wide initiatives.

2018 Initiatives and Challenges


SABIC’s strong EHSS systems and processes empower all employees.

This year, we made strategic investments in the continuous improvement of systems and capabilities. One of the most significant initiatives was the launch of an integrated Operations Management System. 

We will continue to build on initiatives such as these in the years ahead, evolving EHSS key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets, and strengthening risk-discovery management and incident reporting. 

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