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At SABIC, we take pride in our ability to attract and retain the best and brightest people from around the world; we recognize that diversity of experience, knowledge, and ideas in an inclusive atmosphere makes our company more creative, innovative, and effective.

Through SABIC Young Professionals, we offer an internal communications platform to understand the aspirations and experiences of our young employees, and to guide them to career-development programs that best meet their needs and goals.

Throughout 2018, the SABIC Women’s Network (SWN) took pride in creating opportunities to elevate talented women within SABIC and around the world.

SWN members played prominent roles in Executive Committee meetings, sharing with senior leadership experiences of how embracing diversity shaped careers, creating success for themselves and our organization.

SWM member and Director of Growth for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Markets in our Specialties business, Maureen MacDonald Stein, delivered a powerful and high-profile presentation on leadership to more than 300 women in our industry at the 2018 “Women Breaking the Mold” forum, sponsored by Plastics News. 



Continuous learning is an important part of workplace culture for everyone.

To attract and empower early-career employees, we focus on development, engagement, networking, training, and community services. This year, we participated in a series of events for our new employees.

Our Early Career Program (ECP) initiative gives new SABIC hires who are recent university graduates an accelerated learning experience through functional rotations of six months to develop their expertise and network – and ultimately prepare them for a successful career at SABIC.

As part of an ongoing HR initiative, in March we invited 120 student participants in the SABIC Scholarship Program (SSP) to take part in a special meeting with Yousef Al-Benyan, Vice-Chairman and CEO, at our Global Headquarters in Riyadh.

At a “Global New Hire Experience” event in April, Al-Benyan welcomed our newest SABIC employees and shared his experiences of how SABIC’s values – Inspire, Engage, Create, and Deliver – serve as the guiding principle of the company’s success.

By guiding employees from their earliest days with the company, we aim to nurture talent and aspirations, and help every SABIC employee achieve his or her career ambitions and life goals.

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