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We began our SABIC Leadership Way (SLW) transformation journey in 2017 by defining the following four leadership priorities: 
  • Talent Champion: bringing in the best people, and growing and developing them to fuel our growth and achieve our goals.
  • Collaboration Partner: working closely with colleagues and partners on smarter, higher-performing products and ways of working.
  • Innovation Pioneer: recognizing that the pace of change is accelerating, we can only remain relevant and retain a leadership position by embracing innovative ideas and ways of working.
  • Excellence Driver: making an impact for customers, stakeholders, and communities requires continual improvement and a sense of urgency.    

The SABIC Leadership Way is built around the guiding principles that anchor SABIC’s purpose of ‘Chemistry that Matters™’ with our commitments and values: Inspire, Engage, Create, and Deliver. It aligns with our 2025 strategy and allows us to create a dynamic and inclusive leadership culture that develops the right talent for the right challenges.

This year, we rolled out the SLW globally and made great efforts to introduce it into our workforce, delivering immersive, interactive sessions to more than 600 leaders across 50 global sites.



This year, SABIC began to refresh our Employee Value Proposition, an invitation to dialogue that enables employees to lead the discussion and explore the vast offerings we provide.


As part of our Employee Value Proposition, in 2019 we will introduce “Let’s Explore What Matters,” a new online exploration platform that showcases the many direct, indirect, and non-financial benefits we offer current and prospective employees.

The SABIC Leadership Way (SLW) aims for an ambitious transformation of our corporate culture; achieving this goal will require new commitments as well as new tools. When we launched the SLW in 2017, our Human Resources team simultaneously unveiled the Leadership App, or LEAP, an innovative tool to help achieve this transformation.
LEAP marks an important step in increasing dialogue and open communication internally across our global workforce. It consists of three main functionalities:
  • “Send Gifts” allows employees to provide feedback to another employee.
  • “My Gifts” provides quick access to all the gifts an employee has received, and allows them to thank every gift provider.
  • The “Leaderboard” is a gamified platform showcasing the top gift providers and receivers within each group.
At the 2018 Year-End Meeting, we released LEAP to SABIC employees to provide robust and continuous reporting to our HR team and enable employees to request feedback from supervisors and colleagues. 


Throughout 2018, SABIC maintained a dialogue with all employees. In January, the CEO hosted the Global Employee Town Hall at SABIC Global Headquarters in Riyadh with interactive, live-streaming video to sites throughout the Middle East, Europe, Americas, and Asia-Pacific regions.

This year, we also conducted our second Pulse Dialogue Survey, a comprehensive survey sent to every SABIC employee around the globe. We received more than 19,000 responses to the survey, a clear indication of the commitment that employees have to our dialogue journey.

We continued our emphasis on employee dialogue at the annual Year-End Meeting, during which SABIC leaders reviewed the company performance for 2018 and planned for the year ahead.


Although we remain focused on our long-term transformation, we are proud to receive recognition of our successes to date. This year, SABIC earned Top Employer Institute certification in five of our key Asian markets: China, India, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.


The SABIC Academy has served as our core learning platform since 2012, offering future leaders the opportunity to further develop their skills through individual assessments, coaching, and training. We have developed more than 6,000 courses to support learning at every professional level and across every area of our business.

In December this year, we held a two-day leadership summit at the SABIC Academy in Riyadh that brought together more than 120 SABIC leaders for three intensive leadership-development programs.

2018 marked the third year we hosted the SABIC Leadership Program (SLP) for senior government officials at the SABIC Academy. We brought together 110 senior officials to Riyadh for three sessions to share our expertise and develop leadership skills. Through this program, we are aligning best practices in the public and private sectors and supporting Saudi Vision 2030, the government’s blueprint for a strong and diverse economy.


We continue to invest heavily in supporting Saudi Vision 2030, and we believe that developing human capital will play a major role in its success.

We continued our annual Summer Innovation Program in 2018, inviting the children of SABIC employees and affiliates to Riyadh, Jubail, and Yanbu for a three-week event that promotes a culture of innovation and stimulates creative thinking in line with Saudi Vision 2030.

In partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Civil Service, we launched Saudi Arabia’s first “Human Resources Think Tank” in December 2018. The three-day event brought together high-ranking HR professionals from the Saudi government to share best practices in developing people. 

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