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PPE reactive chemistries

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PPE reactive chemistries

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A family of low-molecular weight PPE (Polyphenylene ether) oligomers with reactive end groups designed for property enhancement in thermoset formulation. Functional end groups enable use in epoxy, cyanate esters, urethanes, phenolics, phenoxy resins, and free-radical cure systems. These oligomers have solubility in common solvents and some liquid thermosets and curing agents. Potential property enhancements include lower dielectric properties, increased thermal performance, increased toughness, lower moisture uptake and increased flame retardancy. Application areas include printed circuit boards (PCB), composites, encapsulants, adhesives, and coatings. These oligomers can be substituted for reactive diols in polyurethane formulations and can be used as a thermoplastic material for blending in styrenic block copolymers or cured rubber.


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