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LNP™ FARADEX™ Compound

  • 适用等级: 14
  • 获得渠道: Europe, Asia, Americas
LNP™ FARADEX™ Compound



FARADEX™ compounds provide electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) attenuation in applications from electronics to material handling. Conductive fibers form the conductive network required for EMI/RFI shielding. Faradex compounds can also be used in applications where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is required.

Faradex compounds provide mechanical properties, part weight and a design freedom similar to standard unfilled base resins. They avoid costly secondary steps, offering total system cost reduction.


DEEP ATTENUATION EMI/RFI shielding capabilities between 40-60 dB and higher from 30-1000 MHz.

FIBER SHIELDING Accomplished with electrically conductive stainless steel fibers at modest loading levels. Can also be used in applications where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is required.

STRENGTH Mechanical properties similar to standard unfilled base resins. If needed, additional glass or carbon fiber reinforcement is available to enhance strength and stiffness or control mold shrinkage.

FLAME RETARDANCY Can be compounded for flame retardancy (FR), including non-halogenated FR compounds.

HELPS CONTROL COSTS EMI/RFI attenuation throughout the part, eliminating the need for secondary spray coating or attachment of conductive fabrics. Design freedom of injection molding offers advantages for intricate part design, where metallic sprays or conductive netting are far less effective.

HELPS PROVIDE CONSISTENT PROTECTION Because the conductivity permeates the entire part, it cannot be disrupted by surface scratches or nicks.


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