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What is BlueHero™?

­BLUEHERO is an expanding ecosystem of materials, solutions, expertise and programs designed to help accelerate the world’s energy transition to electric power and support meeting global goals on climate change. BLUEHERO’s starting point is to support the automotive industry’s mission to create better, safer and more efficient electric vehicles (EVs), with an emphasis on optimizing structural battery components with unique flame retardant materials and solution development expertise.

Unique Materials

Unique Materials

Cost-effective and technologically advanced flame retardant materials help optimize the performance of EVs. The use of plastic materials in EVs may result in reduced weight, expanded design freedom, reduced complexity, enhanced thermal management and fire safety, and reduced environmental impact.

Manufacturing Know How

Manufacturing Know-how

BLUEHERO leverages our specific knowledge and expertise around large part molding, compression molding, thermoforming and advanced injection molding to support customers with solutions that can meet critical performance requirements and enable ease of manufacturability.

Assembly Know How

Assembly Know-how

Validated joining and assembly methods for plastic to metal, enabling optimized multi-material design solutions. Covers adhesive bonding, mechanical bonding and other advanced joining technologies.

Fire Polymer Interaction

Fire-Polymer interaction Expertise

Addressing thermal runaway and bonfire situations is critical for EV manufacturers. BLUEHERO includes unique flame retardant polymers and expertise to enhance fire safety performance. Testing capabilities, both in-house and through partners, allow us to help assess, understand and verify material performance in meeting temperature, pressure, and grit impingement requirements.

Application Design Verification

Application Design and Verification

BLUEHERO leverages decades of experience in designing with thermoplastics to help customers validate engineering design solutions for structural, impact, crash and thermal management performance, through sophisticated predictive engineering calculations and physical prototype development and testing.

Value Chain Collaboration

Value Chain Collaboration

Through BLUEHERO, we proactively engage with all parts of the value chain to develop and validate bold new solutions. Our highly inclusive collaboration with automotive OEMs, Tiers, battery suppliers, engineering companies, molders, machine makers, adhesive suppliers and others is essential for solution readiness, and a responsibility that we embrace.


BLUEHERO™: Enabling Electrification

EVs are vastly different from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and cannot be optimized by using legacy metal materials and engineering practices. BLUEHERO helps solve this by presenting expertise, capabilities and ready-to-apply solutions that can fasttrack optimizing EV battery packs and related applications to accelerate the industry’s shift to electrification.

Historically, ICE vehicles have relied on metal as their primary material. Significant improvements to EV performance can be made by optimizing the materials used in their production. Utilizing the full capabilities of plastics delivers valuable benefits to battery manufacturers, suppliers, automakers, consumers and the environment alike.

EV Battery Chassis
Plastic Battery Pack

BLUEHERO™: Solutions

SABIC materials can be suitable for a number of individual structural parts such as enclosures, frames, crash protection elements and electrical components.

Beyond meeting individual part requirements, we draw on our expanding ecosystem of solutions and expertise to help customers optimize their total system designs for weight savings, improved performance, enhanced safety and reduced environmental impact, while also considering cost and ease of manufacturing and assembly.

Stories & Highlights


See an overview of our exhibition presence at The Battery Show North America 2022.

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SABIC to highlight BLUEHERO™ electrification initiative and advanced material solutions

We are highlighting our strategic BLUEHERO™ electrification initiative for the first time at an industry event, The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany. See what we are showing.

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SABIC launches BLUEHERO™ to help accelerate shift to electrification and lower carbon future

Today, we introduced BLUEHERO™, an expanding ecosystem of materials, solutions, expertise designed to help accelerate the world’s shift to electric power and support meeting global goals on climate change.

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BLUEHERO™ Knowledge Base

Repository of content on electrification materials, solutions, expertise and more.

Want More info?

­We will be enriching this site with more helpful content in the coming weeks. In the meantime, to get more information about BLUEHERO™ or to inquire about collaborating with SABIC, please send an email to and one of our team members will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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