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We combine technology, marketing and innovation to support local development and the National Industrial Strategy

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What we do


The Home of Innovation™ complements other SABIC initiatives in support of the government’s National Industrial Strategy and Vision 2030.


The Home of Innovation™ helps SABIC and other global organizations form win/win business relationships with each other and with local companies.


The Home of Innovation™ will be a catalyst for the future, facilitating connections and innovations that make the world a better place for everyone.

A message from Yousef A. Al-Benyan Vice Chairman & CEO, SABIC

The Home of Innovation™ is SABIC’s growth initiative that bridges the gap between research and the marketplace by combining Technology, Marketing and Innovation to create demand in the downstream industry and enhance local content covering all National Industrial Strategy (NIS) sectors.

It is part of SABIC’s commitment to delivering Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 in line with the company’s 2025 strategy to achieve 30 percent of additional profit from innovation.

As a strategic part of the Local Content Business Development Unit (LCBDU), HOI’s mission is to create an innovative platform for SABIC, stakeholders and participants to collaborate and explore means of transforming challenges into business opportunities.

Its innovation priorities include sustainability, market and applications, product and process.

This isn’t just business. This is delivering ‘Chemistry that Matters™’.


We would be delighted to invite you to experience our facility. Simply book an appointment to find out more.


Ash Shaikh Hasan Ibn Abdullah Al Ash Shaikh,
King Saud University,
Riyadh 12373,
Saudi Arabia

+966 11 225 8000

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