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What we do


The Home of Innovation™ complements other SABIC initiatives in support of the government’s National Industrial Strategy and Vision 2030.


The Home of Innovation™ helps SABIC and other global organizations form win/win business relationships with each other and with local companies.


The Home of Innovation™ will be a catalyst for the future, facilitating connections and innovations that make the world a better place for everyone.


The Home of Innovation™ is set to play a pivotal role in the National Industrial Strategy, set to transform The Kingdom into a strong, self-sufficient industrial powerhouse.

Our Participants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Home of Innovation™?

The Home of Innovation™ is both a place and a program. The building, having gained the first LEED Platinum certification for homes in the Middle East, is one of the most sustainable in Saudi Arabia; the program it accommodates is a key SABIC growth initiative, combining marketing, innovation and technology to bring together global and local partners, drive local development, and support the National Industrial Strategy and Vision 2030.

How does the initiative work?

The Home of Innovation™ provides the perfect environment and expertise to bring together participants, partners, markets and new materials in major initiatives to capitalize on local resources and capabilities, stimulate and empower local development, and turn challenges into opportunities, delivering benefits for all involved.

Who can benefit from the Home of Innovation™?

National and global companies looking to benefit from rapid development in The Kingdom and the region; in an innovative platform that combines KSA’s innovation ecosystem under one roof.

Governmental bodies and regulatory entities that are aspired to get exposed to the latest commercial innovations that play alongside SABIC’s expertise and advanced raw materials.

How does the Home of Innovation™ link to related SABIC programs?

The Home of Innovation™ is strategically positioned by SABIC to enable its local content initiatives, in support of the National Industrial Strategy and Vision 2030, alongside Nusaned™, Entema, Daem and financial support for local ventures, and Muahal, focused on workforce development.

How can we be part of the Home of Innovation™?

Companies can apply to become Home of Innovation™ participants as long they meet two criteria: they must be an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer); and their business must fall within one of the 13 sectors targeted by the National Industrial Strategy.

How can we benefit as a Home of Innovation™ participant?

Participants join others to capitalize on opportunities arising out of the National Industrial Strategy and Vision 2030, and can expect particular benefits in three areas: marketing, with market engagement, networking and technology promotion; and business development, with SABIC and local content, facility utilization, and business and technical support, such as support related to selecting appropriate SABIC materials for participants’ applications; as well as regulatory support with KSA’s specifiers.

Which industries are targeted by the Home of Innovation™?

The Home of Innovation™ focuses on the sectors outlined in the National Industrial Strategy: automotive, aquaculture, civil aviation, construction materials, desalination, energy/renewable energy, food industries, logistics, machinery & equipment, military industries, mining/minerals, oil & gas and pharmaceuticals & medical supplies.

Program founded by SABIC

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