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AGMC (Al-Wafa Global Manufacturing Company Ltd), established in 2007 in the industrial City of Rabigh, Makkah region, Saudi Arabia, manufactures and exports plastic body parts and components for the automotive industry. Impeccable product quality and great customer service have helped build an excellent reputation, helping AGMC gain an ever-increasing array of clients throughout the MENA region.


A bumper is a structure attached to or integrated with the front and rear ends of a motor vehicle, to absorb impact in a minor collision, ideally minimizing repair costs. Bumpers are increasingly being designed to mitigate injury to pedestrians struck by cars, such as through the use of bumper covers made of flexible materials


  • Flexible product

Grills Cover

Grills cover an opening in the body of a vehicle to allow air to enter or exit. Most vehicles feature a grille at the front of the vehicle to protect the radiator and engine. The grille simply bolts over the existing OEM plastic grille. This method does not require drilling or cutting of the OEM grille shell. Hidden bolts, brackets and clamps are used for this simple installation.


  • Flexible product


A mud-flap or mud guard is used in combination with the vehicle fender to protect the vehicle, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians from mud and other flying debris thrown into the air by the rotating tire. A mud-flap is typically made from a flexible material such as rubber or polymer that is not easily damaged by contact with flying debris, the tire, or the road surface.


  • Flexible product

Core Trays

Core Trays are designed for the mining and exploration industry to store and transport core samples.


  • UV stabilizer.

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