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alfanar’s world-class switches and other electrical accessories are manufactured using the latest technologies to the most demanding quality and safety standards, and approved by global authorities including The International Electrotechnical Committee, The British Standards Institution, and The Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality. Modern technology and modern designs come together in products to meet electrical infrastructural needs across the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.


alfanar switches meet or exceed national and international standards and offer easy installation and state-of-the-art features including ergonomic rocker design, innovative sheet metal technology, silver alloy switching contacts and phosphor bronze socket connectors for top performance and long life, and bacterial resistance.


• Excellent performance, longer life
• Elegant contemporary designs, to complement any interior
• Better designs, better materials
• Engineering thermoplastics - robust, impact resistant, flame retardant

SABIC material description and benefits
• Valox

Solar Cables

alfanar photovoltaic solar (PV) cables are used to interconnect power supplies in renewable energy photovoltaic systems such as solar energy farm panel arrays. Manufactured in accordance with British Standards Institution standard BS EN 50618, the cables are suitable for fixed installations and internal and external with-conduit systems.


• High-quality annealed flexible tinned copper conductor for performance
• Halogen-free, cross-linked flame retardant compound insulation for protection
• World-class quality, reliable and durable

SABIC material description and benefits
• PE
• PP

 Solar cable

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