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NAPCO National

Established in 1956, Napco National manufactures a wide range of products from paper 
and corrugated cardboard to plastic raw material and packaging, as well as consumer and away-from-home disposables. Napco has 5200 employees at 15 manufacturing sites, and exports to more than 50 countries.


Napco’s Greenshield range of co-extruded PE agricultural films and bags help farmers grow more food, and protect the land and other resources. Low tunnel films stop soil from drying out and protect crops from hostile climatic conditions, insects and other pests, maintain plant and root temperatures at optimized levels, and minimize day/night temperature fluctuations. The overall effect: crops stay healthier and mature faster, with enhanced nutrient uptake and increased photosynthesis activity increasing yields.

Greenshield films offer anti-fog and light diffusion, and come in many forms, including:

• Compost & forage bags
• Greenhouse cover films
• Low tunnel film
• Mulch film
• Hay & silage cover film
• Soil disinfection/fumigation film
• Water membranes (pond liner)

• Wide range for multiple applications
• Controls threats, optimizes environment
• Enhances product yield and quality

SABIC material description and benefits
• LDPE 0322NN
• LDPE 6821NJ


Agrismart is a Smart Monitoring and Control System that monitors and records key parameters in complex agricultural environments, offering users a detailed record of conditions, working hours and other related data, using sensors and smartphones to upload the data to an internet gateway, from which it can be accessed and analyzed, with a view to guiding future actions. Component elements include:

• Sensors with various functions, inside and outside the greenhouse, tracking soil moisture, temperature, humidity, leaf wetness and other such factors
• Gateway (router) – a wireless internet connection enabling real-time data update
• Solar panels, to power sensors instead of using electrical power
• Dashboard report – with data processed and translated to a tailored format

• Better data, enabling better decisions
• More efficient use of manpower and other resources
• Better yields, better quality
• Easy installation and low maintenance

SABIC material description and benefits
• PE

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