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Siemens AG is Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing company, and a global technology powerhouse, bringing together the digital and physical worlds to benefit customers and society. The company focuses on intelligent infrastructure for buildings and decentralized energy systems, on automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries, and on smart mobility solutions for rail and road transport.

SINAMICS G120X Drive+Motor

The demonstration unit on show combines a SINAMICS G120X frequency converter, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, 0.75 kW, IOP-2 intelligent operator panels, wifi configuration module and asynchronous (induction) motor in a low voltage, variable speed drive+motor combination designed for infrastructure applications such as water pump and fan control.


• Excellent water/HVAC performance in any environment
• Tailored solutions to meet customer needs
• Simple operation, setup and settings
• Digitalization-ready: simply connect to the cloud via IoT gateway
• Simple commissioning, via multicolor IOP-2 operator panel or wifi module
• Smooth start, flexible operation, energy saving

SABIC material description and benefits
• LEXAN™ Copolymer
• LEXAN™ FR Resins
• VALOX™ Resin
• VALOX™ FR Resins
• NORYL™ Resin
• CYCOLOY™ Resin
• CYCOLOY™ FR Resins
• SABIC® PC Resin

SINAMICS G120X Drive+Motor

SICAM Power Quality and Automation Devices

SICAM P850, Q100 and Q200 are multifunctional power measurement devices used for acquisition, visualization, evaluation and transmission of electrical measured variables such as alternating current, alternating voltage, frequency, power and harmonics, ranging from simple units up to the highest class with multiple sophisticated capabilities. Data can be viewed on a display and/or downloaded via communication interfaces, and models like the SICAM P850 record as well as monitor, with the ability to record values at set time intervals with measurement and fault recorders.


• Enables stable supply of electric power - any grid operator’s top priority
• Optimizable across all voltage levels, avoiding fluctuations and disturbances
• Enables identification, location and elimination of disturbances and faults
• Integrated hardware and software for total seamless solutions

SABIC material description and benefits
• LEXAN™ Resin
• Lexan™ FR Resins
• VALOX™ Resin
• VALOX™ FR Resins
• VALOX™ FR Resins
• CYCOLOY™ Resin
• Cycoloy™ FR Resins

Desigo CC

Desigo CC open building management platform is designed to enable the creation of comfortable, safe, secure and efficient facilities.

Desigo CC covers everything from simple single-discipline systems to fully integrated buildings. By making it easy to operate, monitor, optimize and manage your facility, Desigo CC sets the standard for the future while maintaining compatibility with legacy systems. With its future-oriented and discipline-independent approach, Desigo CC helps make perfect places, today and for the future.


• Open platform
• Modular design for maximum tailorability
• Aids optimum operational efficiency
• Easy and user-friendly
• Remote access energy and power reports, with enhanced error protection support

SABIC material description and benefits
• NA

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