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LNP™ AT 70:


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70 years of Experience + Innovation

A pioneer in compounding technologies, the LNP product brand has a string of important technological achievements behind it.

A product line with an impressive list of accomplishments to its name, the era of reinforced thermoplastics was launched when the first fully dispersed short fiber reinforced compounds were introduced in the 1960s. In the 1980s, patented pultruded long fiber reinforced technology was added to open the age of LFRTs. Earlier, in the 1970s, the world’s first carbon fiber reinforced compounds were developed, in addition to the first statically conductive compounds. A year later EMI/RFI shielding compounds were launched and today the product line reflects important patents covering EMI/RFI shielding, in addition to several patents on wear resistance without the need for PTFE.

Scientists and technologists behind the LNP portfolio continue to push the limits of technical performance, solving new challenges on a regular basis, while remaining committed to provide unique offerings and help create value for our customers.” 

-- Joshua Chiaw, Director, Business Management, LNP, SABIC.“

We compound the answer

LNP Compounds

First introduced in 1948, the LNP portfolio now features a range of product families that include LUBRICOMP™ lubricated compounds, LUBRILOY™ lubricated compounds based on alloy technology, THERMOCOMP™ reinforced compounds, THERMOTUF™ impact modified compounds, STAT-KON™ electrically conductive compounds, STAT-LOY™ anti-static compounds, VERTON™ long fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (LFRTs), FARADEX™ EMI/RFI shielding compounds, KONDUIT™ thermally conductive compounds, and COLORCOMP™ custom-colored compounds. LNP compounds utilize over 30 base resins and more than 200 different fillers to achieve various effects.

Copolymer Resins

The LNP portfolio is now also leveraging a broad palette of SABIC polycarbonate copolymers with exceptional properties for compounding. These copolymers are designed to offer unique value compared to general purpose polycarbonate and include resin portfolios with high heat resistance (XHT & CXT), low temperature ductility (EXL), superior flow and ductility (HFD), prolonged resistance to UV exposure for outdoor applications (SLX), transparent flame retardancy at thin gage (CFR), and excellent flame, smoke and toxicity properties for mass transportation (FST).

“With LNP products, you get the complete package. To stay at the top for 70 years, it takes a lot of effort. The LNP portfolio has evolved since 1948 but its core focus has remained intact, to innovate and to provide high quality and customized solutions to address our customers’ needs. That’s why our motto is: ‘We Compound the Answer.’” 

-- Darpan Parikh, Global Product Management Leader, LNP, SABIC.

Serving Global Markets

The LNP portfolio supports many industries, including consumer electronics, consumer & industrial, automotive, healthcare and mass transportation.

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Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics
In consumer electronics, innovative SABIC LNP compounds and copolymers help to address developing trends in products such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks, helping OEMs make such products thinner, lighter, stronger, with improved aesthetics and potentially lower system cost.
CE1-THERMOCOMP-compounds-for-Laser Direct-Structuring
THERMOCOMP™ compounds for Laser Direct Structuring 
Learn about LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ compounds for Laser Direct Structuring
Laser Direct Structuring compounds for 3D Molded-In-Devices 
Learn about LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ Laser Direct Compounds for 3D Molded-In-Devices
Structural solutions 
Learn about LNP™ structural portfolio and solutions
CE4-THERMOCOMP-HMD-PC-series- thin-light-weight-and-strong
THERMOCOMP™ HMD PC series - thin, light-weight and strong 
Learn about LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ HMD portfolio, which provides solutions to achieve challenging structural design while maintain good surface aesthetics
Material solutions for Protective Cases in portable devices 
Learn about LNP™ Material solutions for Protective Cases in portable devices
Material solutions for 5G applications 
Learn about LNP™ Material solutions for 5G applications

General Consumer and Industrial Applications

General Consumer and Industrial Applications
In general consumer and industrial applications, SABIC LNP’s specialty compounding solutions help achieve functionality and address design challenges, providing products with higher strength, flame retardance, self-lubrication, electrical and thermal conductivity, EMI shielding – the list goes on.
Material solutions for Industrial Fans and Impellers 
Learn about LNP™ Material solutions for industrial fans and impellers answering a variety of industry needs as weight reduction, higher rotation speed, energy efficiency, etc.
Material solutions for Home Appliances 
Learn about LNP™ Material solutions for home appliances answering a variety of industry needs as noise and weight reduction, higher rotation speed, energy efficiency, etc.
Material solutions for LED Lightings 
Learn about LNP™ Material solutions for LED lightings
Material solutions for Conveyor Systems 
Learn about LNP™ Material solutions for conveyor systems answering a variety of material handling needs as metal replacement and modularity, etc.
Wear & Friction solutions for Thermoplastic Gearing 
Learn about LNP™ wear and friction material solutions for thermoplastic gearing
Wear-and-Friction-solutions-for-Bearings- Bushings-Cams-and-Sliders
Wear and Friction solutions for Bearings, Bushings, Cams and Sliders 
Learn about LNP™ wear and friction material solutions for bearings, bushings, cams and sliders
Materials-Solutions-for-ATEX-Applications Material Solutions for ATEX Applications
Learn about LNPTM Material Solutions for ATEX Applications

Mobility/ E-Mobility Industry

Mobility and E-Mobility Industry
Addressing the challenges faced by the mobility/e-mobility industry, SABIC LNP materials support the drive towards lower weight, higher performance, improved aesthetics and greater cost effectiveness. In under-the-hood, interior and exterior applications, SABIC LNP products have been developed specifically for applications that range from electronic housings, gears and pulleys, fuel system and transmissions components, through seating mechanisms, instrument panels, headlamp bezels and grilles, to mirror brackets and more.
M1-Wear-&-Friction-solutions-for-Automotive-Interiors Wear & Friction solutions for Automotive Interior 
Learn about LNP™ wear and friction material solutions for mobility interiors
M2-Wear-&-Friction-solutions-for-Automotive-Under-the-Hood Wear & Friction solutions for Automotive Under-the-Hood 
Learn about LNP™ wear and friction material solutions for mobility under-the-hood
M4-LNP-Compounds-Coploymers-for-Possible-Mobility-Solutions LNP™ Compounds and Copolymers For Possible Mobility Solutions
Learn about LNP™ Compounds and Copolymers For Possible Mobility Solutions

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry
In the healthcare industry, medical devices and the materials they are made from must withstand ever-increasing in-service demands, as designs become more complex and performance requirements and regulations evolve. SABIC LNP offers a broad range of materials for the healthcare industry, including materials that have been bio compatibility assessed to ISO 10993.
HC1-High-performance-compounds-for-structural-healthcare-applications High performance compounds for structural healthcare applications 
Learn about LNP™ high performance material solutions for structural healthcare applications
HC2-Wear-&-Friction-solutions-for-Medical-Devices Wear & Friction solutions for Medical Devices 
Learn about LNP™ wear and friction material solutions for medical devices


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