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Saudi Industrial Development Fund

Support-Targeted Segment: Medium and large projects with capital exceeding SAR 20m to finance new projects or expand/improve existing projects. SABIC may be an investor and a partner in the borrower project or enter into off-take or feedstock supply agreements with the borrower project.

Financing Advantages: Obtaining financing benefits mainly depends on the recommendation of Nusaned team.

Grace Period: As recommended by Nusaned, repayment of the first 24 months (2 years) may be delayed up to 30 months in cities within zone 2 and 3. Payments are made according to the Fund policy.

Approval Period: Applications received from Nusaned can be expedited to be completed within 6 weeks only if there is a SABIC off-take agreement.

Interest rate: Interest free

Other advantages:

  • Typically, the financing period does not exceed 10 years, but in some exceptional circumstances, the period may increase to 15 to 20 years for strategic projects or projects established in cities within zone 2 and 3.
  • Administrative fees are nominal and paid once.

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