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The increasing demand for safety features and comfort in vehicles combined with trends in light weight, low warranty costs, higher gear accuracy, higher service temperatures and cost saving has led to a significant increase in automation, part consolidation and metal replacement.

In both areas, under the hood and interior, mechatronic systems are being introduced such as adaptive front light and power seats providing an answer to the demand of safety and comfort features.

Today, safety ratings are part of the quality assurance in where a large part of the OEM’s budget is invested. Next to that, comfort features to reduce human interaction and personalization has led to the need for technical solutions in mechatronics.

These trends triggers companies to look for plastic solutions in gears, actuators, bearings and sliders.


  • High heat & Structural performance and increased lifetime require solutions for fatigue strength, dimensional stability and low wear at elevated temperatures. Engineering data and support for predictive engineering are key for successful development.
  • 3D-MID’s


  • Throttle lever actuator gears 
  • Turbocharger Actuators
  • Sensor & Engine Components
  • Cruise control modules
  • E-Gas gear trains
  • HVAC
  • Adaptive Front Light Swivel gears
  • Steering wheel sensors

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