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特材事业部提供一系列功能性产品,从工程热塑树脂和化合物到复合材料、功能表面基材、环氧乙烷衍生物和添加剂制造解决方案。特材事业部还具备丰富的材料加工专长,以及一系列产品组合,包括特种化合物、薄膜和板材,以及一系列品牌产品,比如 NORYL™、ULTEM™、EXTEM™ 和 LNP™ 产品。


Leveraging SABIC’s resin technologies and process capabilities to develop material solutions for various additive manufacturing processes; including filament production and pellet-fed 3D systems. Follow us to stay connected on our LinkedIn Showcase - SABIC Solutions for Additive Manufacturing.



Cutting edge engineering applications may require thermoplastic components with enhanced properties. Through our advanced compounding capabilities and unique copolymer resin technologies, we can support customers to expand their possibilities.

High temperature resistant resins and compounds are also available under ULTEM™ Resin Family of High Heat Solutions and NORYL™ Resins families.



The NORYL resin family consists of SABIC’s polyphenylene ether (PPE) blended with: HIPS, PP, PA, or TPE, select additives and fillers.  These resins exhibit a broad range of properties for application in water management, automotive, electrical, solar, energy storage,  b&c, appliances and more.

High temperature resistant resins and compounds are also available under LNP™ Compounds and PC Copolymer Resins and ULTEM™ Resin Family of High Heat Solutions families.


Thermosets and Additives

Specialty building blocks and reactive additives that impart unique balances of properties in thermoset systems. Offerings include functional NORYL™ oligomers, specialty dianhydrides, unique monomers, and thermoplastics in forms suitable for thermoset formulation. Potential application areas include electronics, electrical, composites, and adhesives.



Dielectric films for film-foil and metalized electrode professional grade capacitors exhibit stable properties through a range of temperatures (-40 °C to +150 °C) and frequency, including stable capacitance, good insulation resistance, stable dielectric constant (Dk) and low dissipation factor (Df).



ULTEM™ resin is a Polyetherimide (PEI), which offers a unique combination of thermal performance, high modulus, dimensional stability, near-infrared transparency, and non-halogenated FR for a wide range of demanding applications. EXTEM™ resin is well-suited for applications that require a higher thermal performance, such as co-packaged optical components. SILTEM™ resin is an easy extrudable amorphous copolymer with no intentionally added PFAS for potential use in applications such as high-performance wires and cables.

High temperature resistant resins and compounds are also available under LNP™ Compounds and PC Copolymer Resins and NORYL™ Resins families.


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