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HYTORC makes industrial bolting simpler and safer. 50 years focused single-mindedly on developing the highest quality industrial bolting systems have made HYTORC the most trusted name in the industry. Whatever the project, whatever the scale, whatever the location, whether it’s helping with a new build at a steel mill or a free parts & labor fix on a distant quayside, innovative, top quality products and impeccable, uncompromising service ensure that if bolting is the requirement, HYTORC is the optimum solution.
HYTORC Lithium Series II

HYTORC Lithium Series II

HYTORC’s next-generation all aluminum, nickel-plated, battery powered portable bolting tool combines a new, brushless, 10%+ more efficient 36v dc motor with a stronger, dual-speed, gearbox, to deliver reliability under heavy loads. A worklight, high res screen, intuitive menu system and ergonomic controls aid easy operation, while Bluetooth connectivity makes data accessible. With unrivalled durability, functionality and usability, HYTORC Lithium Series II sets the new standard for portable, safe, efficient bolting.


• Improved motor and gearbox for powerful, dependable operation
• Interfaces and controls deliver easy, intuitive operation
• Excellent data capability keeps you in control
• Reliability, durability and unrivalled functionality

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