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Saudi Drip Irrigation Systems Company

Saudi Drip, founded in 1998, is Saudi Arabia’s leading specialist in the manufacture and supply of drip irrigation systems. High quality drip irrigation pipes and accessories enable agriculture in environments where it would otherwise be impossible, as well as improving product quality and crop yield.

Drip Irrigation Pipes

Drip irrigation pipes optimize the use of water and fertilizers, by putting them exactly where they are needed, and nowhere else. The pipes deliver low volume, low pressure water flows to a number of ‘drippers’, which in turn deliver water and nutrients direct to the plant roots, for maximum growth from any volume of water.


• Wide water passages prevent clogging
• Variable discharge rates to adapt to requirements
• Low working pressure
• Coefficient of variation <5%

SABIC material description and benefits

Subsurface Dripping Pipes

Saudi Drip is the region’s only supplier of Geoflow subsurface drip irrigation systems with Nano-ROOTGUARD technology, to prevent roots growing into drippers. Pipes are available in various wall thicknesses, in 16mm and 20mm diameters, with 1.3 to 6.0 L/h flow rates, enabling any required dripper distance. Nano-ROOTGUARD technology means 10 years’ operation with zero maintenance required.


• Pressure compensating dripper
• Excellent coefficient of variations
• Short labyrinths, turbulent flow, self-flushing
• High resistance to clogging

SABIC material description and benefits


HDPE pipe is a flexible plastic pipe used to carry water and other liquids. High impermeability and physical strength make it suitable for high pressure pipelines.
Saudi Drip produce two variants, using two kinds of polyethylene, enabling working pressures from 4 bars up to 16 bars.


• Two options for different needs and applications
• External diameters from 6mm to 250mm
• Range of thicknesses to meet different pressure requirements

SABIC material description and benefits

Saudi Drip

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