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Performance summary

We provide comparative performance data from the past five years in the areas of greatest importance to our business and stakeholders, including key performance data for 2018.

ETHICS + INTEGRITYCompliance concerns raised1Number94*114*152*
Incidents closed1Number94*97*147*
Violations found (addressed)1Number52*58*55*
Training completion1Percent99*99*99*
INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONSTotal patent portfolioNumber12,19111,53411,738
Sustainability solutionsCumulative number788282
RESOURCE AND ENERGY EFFICIENCYGreenhouse-gas emission intensitytCO2eq/t product sales1.24*1.23*1.22*
Energy intensityGJ/t product sales17*17*17*
Water intensitym3/t product sales2.6*2.7*2.62*
Material loss intensityt/t product sales0.072*0.078*0.070*
Flaring reduction compared to 20102Percent55*43*43*
CO2 utilizationMillion t3.6*3.5*4.0*
HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENTWomen in the workplacePercent of workforce7.77.27.3
Learning programsParticipants31,06224,94422,222
SUPPLY CHAINSafety and Quality Assessment System liquidsPercent of suppliers100100100
SQAS solidsPercent of suppliers699391
Suppliers registered through Global Procurement Due Diligence ProgramNumber7,0009,274
Suppliers with additional GPDDP requirementsNumber1,1001,483
Suppliers audited according to GPDDPNumber919
ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH, SAFETY, AND SECURITYEHSS rate3Incidents/200,000 hours worked0.63*0.50*0.43*
Total Recordable Incident RateIncidents/200,000 hours worked0.14*0.12*0.14*
Process Safety Total Incident RateIncidents/200,000 hours worked0.02*0.01*0.011*
Hazardous substances releasedMetric tons (t)61*105*89*

*Assured by KPMG

1 Compliance data are reported for the 23,500 employees of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation and its wholly-owned affiliates, but not for employees of SABIC’s non-wholly owned manufacturing joint ventures (or affiliates) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2 Flaring reduction calculations are based on reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions.

3 Note this is a severity-weighted rating.

Below is an overview of the total debt portfolio as of 31 December 2019:

Items (SAR *000)
  • Original Loan Amount
  • Beginning Balance
  • Additions during the year
  • Repayments during the year
  • Non-cash *
  • Ending Balance
  • Period of the loans (years)
Original Loan Amount Beginning Balance Additions during the year Repayments during the year Non-cash * Ending Balance Period of the loans (years)
Long Term and Financial Lease 49,845,828 35,461,703 10,517,682 15,073,886 6,902,093 37,807,593 2-15
Short Term 7,500,000 1,167,589 179,408 0 - 1,346,996 1
Bonds 10,590,094 10,663,950 0 0 -52,983 10,580,968 5-7
Total 67,935,922 47,263,242 10,697,090 -15,073,886 6,849,111 49,735,557

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