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With sustainability becoming an increasing focus, there is a need to develop products and solutions that are designed with circularity and carbon neutrality in mind while also enhancing performance metrics. We will address this need by developing and delivering differentiated and sustainable solutions to our customers.

Our Petrochemicals SBU will leverage technology, innovation, and sustainability to address a range of end-user markets that include automotive, building and construction, healthcare and personal hygiene, packaging, and consumer and household goods.

SABIC Agri-Nutrients aims to become a leading player in the low-carbon ammonia market and the ammonia energy market, having successfully produced blue ammonia for use in zero-carbon power generation in 2020.

The United Nations Future Possibilities Report (2020) identified six transformational trends in advanced market niches that will open new possibilities to benefit society and lead to economic growth in the coming years: Exabyte, Wellbeing, Net Zero, Circular, Bio Growth, and Experience. Specialties offerings are found in applications in four of these promising areas, including circular economies, where our experience and global networks will provide an added impetus to our pace of future growth in this emerging global space.

Hadeed will continue to focus on cost controls and reliability, increasing profitability while maintaining stability in the supply of prime quality products to the local market, supporting Saudi demand.

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