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Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas

SABIC is integrating climate-change resilience.

Our work to reduce our GHG emissions intensity strengthens our business and positions SABIC for a sustainable future.

In 2020, our GHG emissions intensity, measured in metric tons of CO₂ equivalent per metric ton of product sales (tCO2 eq/ t product sales), fell from 1.170 tCO2eq to 1.144 tCO2eq. This marks a 2.2% reduction in emissions intensity from 2019 and a 15.5% reduction from our 2010 baseline. 

In 2020, our total GHG emissions were as follows: Scope 1 was 36.7 million tCO2eq, Scope 2 was 17.5 million tCO2eq. 

We accomplished this progress through a number of projects:

  • At our Baroda and Rayong sites, the solar panels we installed in 2019 have helped reduce GHG emissions by 465 tCO2eq per year.
  • At our Bay St. Louis site, we upgraded the chiller a more environmentally friendly refrigerant, saving an estimated 2,376 GJ and 346 tCO2eq.
  • At our Sharq affiliate, we installed a vent-recovery system to reduce flaring, saving 134,000 tCO2eq.
  • At our Geleen site, we have made a number of improvements that have resulted in a savings of 149,000 GJ and 8,400 tCO2eq per year.
  • At the SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company, we are using a data dashboard to track real-time losses and savings of CO2 during urea production.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Scope (million tCO2eq)

  • 2015*
  • 2016*
  • 2017*
  • 2018*
  • 2019*
  • 2020*
2015* 2016* 2017* 2018* 2019* 2020*
Scope 1 38 38 37 39 37 37
Scope 2 ¹ 18 18 17 18 18 17²
TOTAL 56 56 55 57 55 54

* Assured by KPMG

1 Location-based method

2 Adjusted for rounding to correct total figure

Greenhouse Gas Intensity

(t CO2 eq/t Product Sales)

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