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We innovate to help our customers meet their sustainability goals, whether that means reducing their carbon footprint, increasing their energy efficiency, or helping them eliminate waste.


Enabling a safer, smarter, and more efficient world of transportation

We are helping our partners across the transportation industry - including cars, trucks, trains, and aircraft - reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency without compromising safety.

To support aircraft manufacturers’ demand for lighter components, we created a technology to produce hollow composite sections for applications such as seatback frames. For road transportation, we created a new asphalt polymer to improve pavement durability. SABIC technology is also being used in bicycle transportation. To replace steel alternatives, we developed a new polypropylene-compound bicycle basket, which requires less material, less energy, and less water in the production process.


Preserving product value while minimizing environmental impacts

Our plastic- and bio-based packaging solutions help customers and suppliers reduce their resource consumption and minimize waste, while protecting product value and adhering to food, safety, and environmental regulations.

To help reduce single-use plastics, we created a solution for a flexible, collapsible water bottle that uses less material, has lower GHG emissions, and can be recycled after its useful life.


Improving food security

Our agri-nutrient solutions help build food security by increasing crop production while reducing environmental impacts of farming and promoting farmer safety.

To lower carbon dioxide emissions associated with blue ammonia production, we are applying a carbon capture and storage technology to the manufacturing process.

SABIC is also working to improve the sustainability of our fertilizers by adding natural microbes, and we have created nanofertilizers with the potential to increase yields and reduce nutrient loss. We have also created a new class of proprietary urease inhibitors that make more nitrogen available for the plant.


Enabling slimmer and smarter consumer electronics designs

Internal analysis was based on ISO14040 principles but did not undergo critical peer review.

SABIC’s portfolio of flagship products – NORYL™, ULTEM™, EXTEM™ and SILTEM™ resins, a vast range of LNP™ compounds and copolymers, and a variety of thermosets and additives – can meet the complex performance requirements of electrical use. Our NORYL™ oligomers are a key component for the high-speed services, base stations, and wireless antennae that are the backbone of 5G infrastructure. We have seen significant expanded 5G capacity this year, and we expect to see more in 2020 and beyond.

Our ULTEM™ resins offer infrared transparency and heat and chemical resistance, while NORYL™ resins feature performance capabilities that make them ideal for protective covers. Our LNP™ compounds have electro-magnetic interference shielding, thermal management, and rigidity.


Innovating new materials to enable affordable healthcare

SABIC supports customers with a range of solutions for products that have been essential during the pandemic and beyond, including materials for masks, ventilators, single-use devices, portable medical equipment, materials used in drug delivery, and much more.

During COVID-19, we increased our production of much-needed materials, including PPE. SABIC's PURECARES™ portfolio includes polypropylene products that are used for making disposable medical gowns, masks, and coveralls. We also produced thermoplastics solutions for medical face shields and goggles that help reduce exposure of medical staff to viruses and bacteria.


Driving sustainable, cutting-edge building designs

SABIC’s innovative materials are critical in helping the industry transition to energy- and resource-efficient buildings.

In 2020, it was clear that construction materials were also essential in infection and sanitation control in healthcare settings. We launched our new LEXAN™ CLINIWALL™ AC6200 sheet, which provides antibacterial and hygienic wall-cladding solutions.


Advancing energy efficiency and renewables

SABIC is committed to applying our materials expertise to support the transition to low-carbon energy through solutions that make renewables more affordable and energy more efficient.

To support the demand for larger, lighter, stronger, and recyclable wind turbine parts, SABIC created a thermoplastic PET foam that has become a material of choice for the cores that are key components of composite wind blades. We also developed a grade of high-density polyethylene used in the manufacture of floating solar farms. And we launched a new polyolefin elastomer for encapsulant film that has the potential to extend the lifespan of photovoltaic modules.

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