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SABIC continuously improves water efficiency and helps communities to use it more effectively.

We measure freshwater intensity performance in cubic meters (m³) per metric ton (t) of product sales. In 2020, intensity decreased from 2.58 m³/t to 2.53 m³/t. We achieved a 14.2% improvement over our baseline year of 2010 with a 1.8% reduction from 2019 and reduced our total freshwater use to 120 million m³ in 2020 from 121 million m³ in 2019.

Across our operations, SABIC continues to make more effective use of water:

  • At our HADEED site, we have been recycling different waste streams to reduce how much freshwater we purchase from Marafiq.
  • At our Kemya site, we have been working to optimizing the furnaces, saving the equivalent of 19,000 GJ and 16,950 m³ of water every year.
  • As the result of a megaproject at the SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company site, we saved money, energy, and 306,000 m³ of water annually.
  • Our Benoi site reduced water consumption by 46.2%, saving 5,000 m³ of water by maximizing the use of recycled water and closely monitoring the water meter to avoid unforeseen leakages.

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