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The Board of Directors sets and reviews SABIC’s corporate policies and procedures, including its main corporate objectives, strategic plans, and overall key performance indicators. The Board also approves SABIC's annual business plans and budgets and ensures the availability of financial and human resources required to achieve these plans. In addition, the Board has the overall responsibility for identifying the optimal capital structure for SABIC, major capital expenditures, and asset acquisition and disposal decisions. The Board also oversees the implementation and monitoring of internal control systems.

They are elected by the Ordinary General Assembly for a term not exceeding three years, subject to renewal. The Board of Directors appoints – from among its members – a Chairman and a Vice Chairman who shall work on a full-time basis and act on behalf of the Chairman in case of his absence. The Ordinary General Assembly shall specify the remuneration and allowances of the members of the Board in compliance with Companies Law and the rules and instructions issued by the competent authority; whether such remuneration consists of a specified salary, meeting attendance allowance, or a percentage of profit. The remuneration may consist of a combination of two or more of these benefits. The Board annual report shall include a statement of the remuneration and allowances paid to the Board members.

The Board is comprised of the following members:

  • Title
  • Expiry of term
Title Expiry of term
Khalid Hashim Aldabbagh Chairman – Non-Executive Member April 2022
Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan Vice Chairman and CEO – Executive Member April 2022
Abdullah Mohammed Alissa Board Member – Non-Executive Member April 2022
Calum MacLean Board Member – Non-Executive Member April 2022
Ziad Thamer Al-Murshed Board Member – Non-Executive Member April 2022
Olivier Gerard Thorel Board Member – Independent Member April 2022
Dr. Khaled Hamza Nahas Board Member – Independent Member April 2022
Mohammed Talal Alnahas Board Member – Non-Executive Member April 2022
Nader Ibrahim Al-Wehibi Board Member – Independent Member April 2022

During year 2020, the Board of Directors accepted the resignation of three Board members, as of June 16, 2020. The resignation was due to the completion of the acquisition by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) of the shares of the Public Investment Fund in SABIC. The following members resigned:

Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh Aljarbou – Chairman (Non-Executive Member): Dr. Aljarbou was appointed as Chairman of SABIC in October 2017. In addition, he is a board member of United Lube Oil Company Ltd. and Gulf Oil Industrial Company. He is also a member of the International Advisory Board of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). Dr. Aljarbou has been a Member of the Board of Directors of a number of companies, including Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company, Riyad Bank, Philips Lighting Saudi Arabia, and Al-Bilad Catalyst. Dr. Aljarbou got his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado School of Mines, USA, in 1976. He also holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from the same university.

Mr. Rashid Ibrahim Sharif – (Non-Executive Member). Mr. Sharif is the Head of Local Holdings Investments Division, Public Investment Fund. In addition, he is a board member of STC, National Commercial Bank, Saudi Electricity Company, KAFD Development & Management Company, and AccorInvest. He earlier served as Chief Executive Officer of Riyad Capital, Director of Registration and Listing Department at the Capital Market Authority, and Director of Customer Finance Relations at Al-Bilad Bank.

Eng. Roberto Gualdoni (Non-Executive Member), is a member of the boards of American Aerogel Corp and the Carmeuse Group, and Chairman of the board of Cabb. He is a board member at the Carmeuse Group.

He previously served as CEO of Styrolution and as a member of the boards of a number of companies, including BIT AG, Zug/Switzerland, FIW Munich, Plastics Europe and Plastic Recovery Consulting Tecpol. He was also previously the Chairman of the supervisory board of BASF GE Schwarzheide. Mr. Gualdoni holds a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD in France, and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The Board appointed the following members to replace the resigning members, to complete the Board current term (2019/2022). Their appointment will be presented to the first general meeting of shareholders for approval:

Eng. Khalid Hashim Aldabbagh – Chairman of the Board of Directors (Non-Executive Member); Eng. Ziad Thamer Al-Murshed – (Non-Executive Member); Mr. Olivier Gerard Thorel – (Non-Executive Member)


The average board tenure of all Board Members at the end of 2020 is six years. The average tenure of the Independent Board members is four years and eleven months.


The Board of Directors developed procedures for periodical assessing of its performance and that of the committees and included them in the Board Charter and all Committees’ charters. The Board established a comprehensive program to assess the Board performance, and contracted with COMPASS – an independent external agency specialized in this area – to implement it.

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