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Net cash generated from operating activities for 2020 was SAR 22,046 million, a decrease of SAR 11,784 million or 35%, compared to 2019. The decrease was mainly attributed to the decline in margins by 54% despite the increase in sales volume by 1%. This was partially offset by a favorable movement in working capital and lower payments for finance costs and zakat and income tax.

Net cash used in investing activities for 2020 was SAR 13,964 million, an increase of SAR 1,605 million or 13% compared to 2019. The increase was mainly attributed to acquisition of 6.5% additional stakes in Clariant; in addition to the lower cash inflow from short-term investments of SAR 5,679 million; partiality offset by a lower CAPEX spending of SAR 5,353 million.

Net cash used in financing activitiesfor 2020 was SAR 14,525 million, a decrease of SAR 8,516 million or 37%, compared to 2019. The decrease was mainly due to the lower debt and lease repayments of SAR 3,766 million and lower dividends to shareholders and non-controlling interests of SAR 5,458 million. This was partially offset by lower debts proceed of SAR 1,271 million.

Cash and cash equivalent 2020 was SAR 28,838 million, a decrease of SAR 6,454 million or 18%, compared to 2019, which was mainly due to lower cash generated from operating activities.

Free cash flow for 2020 was SAR 8,908 million, a decrease of SAR 6,430 million or 42%, compared to 2019.


  • Details of affiliates, joint ventures and associated companies in the financial statements, where appropriate, are listed in the Appendix.
  • Details of stocks and debt instruments issued by each affiliate are listed in the Appendix.
  • USD/SAR Rate: 3.75.
  • 2019 figures were restated as a result of aligning the accounting policies with Saudi Aramco after the acquisition of 70% of SABIC. 

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