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Materiality: We will advance each materiality priority, developing step-change goals, data-collection, and tracking. The priorities will inform our strategies, and each region will adapt.

Circular Economy: SABIC has embraced the TRUCIRCLETM initiative, encompassing our circular materials and technologies. We will increase circular and certified products processed in Europe to 200 kilotons by 2025. We will set a global target next year for 2030. SABIC is enabling the Saudi government to fulfill the waste-management objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. Strategic alignments with Saudi Investment Recycling Company will create new opportunities in waste management.

Climate: As our Saudi affiliates meet the goals of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program, we invest in breakthrough technologies, including integrated cogeneration, and digitalization.

SDGs: After selecting the 10 most relevant SDGs, we uncovered 20 opportunities with the greatest potential. The opportunities have been clustered into four themes.

  • 1


    Embed sustainability in product and process innovation.

  • 2


    Incorporate climate resilience across our operations.

  • 3


    Reduce resilience on the linear increase in resources demand for our economic growth.

  • 4


    Foster the vital multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance the SDSs.

SABIC will communicate regularly and transparently on the progress we make on these themes.

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