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SABIC continuously improves water efficiency and helps communities to use it more effectively.

We measure freshwater intensity performance in cubic meters (m3) per metric ton (t) of product sales. This year, intensity decreased from 2.62 m3/t to 2.58 m3/t. We achieved a 12.62 percent improvement over our baseline year of 2010 with a 1.53 percent reduction from 2019. Our total freshwater use reduced to 121 million m3 from 122 million m3 in 2019.

Across our operations, we continue to make more effective use of water. 

This year, our Yanpet affiliate used 6 percent less water by process optimization. 

Our Sharq affiliate used condensate instead of clean water in some processes, reducing water use by 5 percent. A level transmitter in the cooling water tank resulted in a further 0.8 percent reduction.

At our Ibn Zahr affiliate, we improved efficiency and condensate recovery, reducing water use by 77,000 m3.

Our United affiliate increased its focus on water efficiency, leading to a 350,000 m3 reduction in water use. 

In Cartagena, Spain, we have a series of wastewater reutilization projects enabling us to recover almost 50 percent of water that would otherwise be discharged to the sea.

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