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Circular Economy

In the past year, SABIC made several landmark decisions to advance the circular economy and close the loop on waste.

A Global Challenge

Plastics are vital to day-to-day life, and modern society would be impossible without them. But used plastics in waste streams pose significant challenges. SABIC is working on a vision to ensure that plastics are always reused and remade into new products.

SABIC has embraced the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, we unveiled our new TRUCIRCLETM initiative, which showcases our innovations to create a circular economy for plastics.

TRUCIRCLE supports SDG 12, Responsible Consumption and Production. The initiative is built around four key principles:

  • Design for Recyclability
  • Mechanically Recycled Products
  • Certified Circular Products
  • Certified Renewable Products 
TRUCIRCLE is a significant milestone in our journey, but we are only just beginning. A new facility in Geleen, the Netherlands, will increase the amount of pyrolysis oil we can generate from plastic waste.

The Journey so far

We are closer than ever in closing the circular economy loop on plastics.
Following a 2018 partnership with PLASTIC ENERGY to supply pyrolysis oil feedstock, we teamed up with companies including Unilever, Vinventions, and Walki Group with our circular solutions.
SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE certified circular polymers are already being used in Unilever’s fully recycled Magnum® ice cream tubs. Tupperware Brands’ reusable Eco Straw and Eco+ tumblers are now made from a lightweight, phthalate-free circular polypropylene polymer, and tea company Avoury adopted a plastic made of high-quality feedstock recycled material.
Walki Group’s Reel Wood reel-wrap food-packaging prototype is made using our certified renewable product. 
Working with SIG, we created the world’s only aluminum-free aseptic organic milk carton, coated with plant-based, certified renewable plastic that meshes seamlessly with current production while complying with regulations.
Only by collaborating with others will we be able to close the loop.

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