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Investing in human capital, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable supply chain is critical. Social and environmental sustainability initiatives benefit people and the planet.

As we move forward, we will continue to support Saudi Vision 2030 and create ‘Chemistry that Matters™’.

Human Capital

SABIC is preparing for a healthy future. Our goal is to continue our organizational transformation to cement our position as the world’s preferred supplier of chemicals.

#Accelerate fosters cross-functional collaboration and brings unique experiences to solve complex challenges. Human Resources aims to roll out the initiative across the company.

We continue to build a diverse and inclusive corporate culture, placing a strong emphasis on supporting employees and developing future leaders.

Social Impact and Community Relationships

SABIC Global Initiative for Education and Innovation will reach a further eleven countries in 2020. The contents of each program will be customized to suit issues faced by local communities.

In November of 2019, SABIC signed a contract to begin construction of the SABIC Specialist Hospital for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment, which will provide care for mental illness and drug addiction.

SABIC partnered with Zahra Breast Cancer Association to launch five additional breast-cancer clinics in Saudi Arabia. Zahra focuses on raising awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening and early detection. The clinics will be completed in 2021 and managed by the Ministry of Health.

We are working with the Ministry of Health to build the Half-Way Rehab Center, temporary housing and support for individuals recovering from psychological trauma. SABIC is contributing US$10.4 million to this important project, which will be completed in 2021.

Supply Chain

We continue to strive toward the goal of leading the chemical industry in sustainable supply chains, working closely with our suppliers.

We are deepening our involvement in Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) by including the OCS Pledge in our SQAS assessment. We are also committed to improving supplier response to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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