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As companies seek to reduce carbon footprints or increase energy efficiency, we are often ready with the innovations that they require.


Enabling a safer, smarter, and more efficient world of transportation

With weight reductions leading to lower CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy or electric vehicle range, automakers continue to demand lighter materials. Land Rover’s new 2020 Defender incorporates our thermoplastic solutions in more than 70 applications.

BMW this year won a second-place innovation award for a hybrid cross-car beam and glove box developed in partnership with SABIC.

For electric vehicles, SABIC develops plastic-metal hybrids to combine lightness and strength. Our new XENOY™ HTX resin can replace metal in new safety applications, including side rockers designed to protect underbody-mounted battery modules in electric vehicles.

SABIC’s newly developed ultra-melt-strength polypropylene is suited for high-temperature foam applications. Its lifecycle impacts are lower than any high-density polyethylene alternatives.


Preserving product value while minimizing environmental impacts

SABIC has a number of plastic-packaging solutions that reduce resource consumption and offer lighter-weight designs.

Plastic packaging plays a crucial role reducing waste. It must do so while complying with more stringent regulations. We developed four new circular solutions for packaging under our TRUCIRCLETM initiative. Unilever’s new Magnum® ice cream tub is made from recycled plastic packaging.

TRUCIRCLE solutions include certified renewable polyethylene and polypropylene, polymer resins created from mechanically recycled polymers.

We developed a mono-material film for the production of silage film to be used in large-scale agriculture.

In addition, we used SABIC’s polypropylene technology to create a delivery box that can be reused up to 15 times .


Improving food security

SABIC’s agri-nutrient solutions improve food security by increasing crop production.

We developed a biodegradable, controlled-release urea that overcomes the problem of nutrients being washed away before crops can absorb them.

Our new Nitrogen Urea-SeedCore® increases the efficiency of urea by slowing its hydrolysis in the soil.

SABIC’s new water-soluble Granular NPK fertilizer is a cost-effective innovation that can be used with all kinds of fertigation systems.


Enabling slimmer and smarter consumer electronics designs

Internal analysis was based on ISO14040 principles but did not undergo critical peer review.

SABIC’s portfolio of flagship products – NORYL™, ULTEM™, EXTEM™ and SILTEM™ resins, a vast range of LNP™ compounds and copolymers, and a variety of thermosets and additives – can meet the complex performance requirements of electrical use. Our NORYL™ oligomers are a key component for the high-speed services, base stations, and wireless antennae that are the backbone of 5G infrastructure. We have seen significant expanded 5G capacity this year, and we expect to see more in 2020 and beyond.

Our ULTEM™ resins offer infrared transparency and heat and chemical resistance, while NORYL™ resins feature performance capabilities that make them ideal for protective covers. Our LNP™ compounds have electro-magnetic interference shielding, thermal management, and rigidity.


Innovating new materials to enable affordable healthcare

SABIC’s products are an ideal fit for the healthcare industry. We work with customers while helping them to imagine new solutions that can further advance the quality of care they provide.

We develop new products that offer lighter, safer, and more functional performance. Our latest range of PURECARES™ polymers create lightweight, breathable fabrics for use in diapers, sanitary products, and surgical gowns.

We are working with Unilever and Aptar to make all REN Clean Skincare packaging recyclable or refillable by 2021.


Driving sustainable, cutting-edge building designs

Construction can help accelerate the world’s transition to a low-carbon economy, and SABIC’s innovative building materials are key.

We have materials that meet demand from the architectural, construction, and water-management industries for more sustainable structures that can be used in pipe, energy, electrical, and structural applications.

Our polypropylene pipe grades for domestic water systems outperform metal alternatives for both lifecycle impacts and installation costs. Our pipes are corrosion-free and have 77 percent lower CO2 emissions than copper piping.


Advancing energy efficiency and renewables

We have a number of solutions to lower the price of renewables – and increase efficiency for our customers and ourselves.

SABIC uses an innovative bio-methanol, a renewable fuel additive that can be blended with gasoline. Our bio-MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) is made using renewable-feedstock and its use reduces fossil-fuel-based CO2 emissions.

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