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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the world of SABIC. Here you will find a comprehensive, in-depth review of our company, reflecting the pride 35,000 global employees take in our ongoing growth and current success. It also conveys our sense of mission and vision—to become the preferred world leader in chemicals.

Today, change is everywhere. Our customer’s markets are evolving rapidly in response to volatile raw material prices, new feedstocks, and new manufacturing trends. Sustainability is often the spur, driving demand for better, cleaner and more-efficient products and ways of doing things.

For companies that can see potential in these challenges, this is a good time to be in business. From its foundation in 1976, SABIC has sought to adapt quickly to customer needs and requirements. Our tradition of ingenuity has driven continuous improvement in the way we operate as well as a relentless quest for sustainable growth. 

Today, SABIC is transforming itself to take advantage of the latest wave of change. We are reshaping our business units to ensure they are equipped to take advantage of emerging trends in growing markets. These include transportation, electronics, agri-nutrients, medical technology, packaging, and construction. This transformation aims at making us more agile, cost-efficient, and aligning us ever more closely to the needs and requirements of our customers.

A growing world needs lighter, more fuel-efficient means of transportation, while at the same time meeting rigid safety standards. It needs innovative agri-nutrients that allow farmers to grow more food on the same amount of land, as well as improved food packaging to prevent spoilage. In these and many other ways, SABIC products are fundamental to improving our quality of life.

Here, you will also discover our commitment to the communities where we live and work; how we protect and sustain the environment we all share; our pioneering technology and innovation that builds a better future; the high-quality products we offer our customers; and, the financial return we offer our shareholders.

At SABIC, we have always found excitement in challenge. As you browse through this website, you will get a sense of the passion, expertise, reliability, and innovative nature that we bring to our mission. We call this ‘Chemistry That Matters™’.

Abdulrahman Alfageeh

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