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Financing strategy

Our financing policy aims at ensuring sufficient liquidity levels at all times for SABIC while optimizing the returns to our shareholders. We use leverage prudently to fund our global growth ambitions. Our strong credit profile and standalone corporate credit ratings (A+/ stable) reflects the strength of our financing strategy and its execution.

We evaluate the most optimum capital and financing structure to support our strategic plans and growth ambition.

DEBT (SR thousands)

2022 2021
Short-term borrowings 915,839 13,347
Current portion of long-term debt 2,232,661 5,290,046
Bonds 3,747,192 0
Lease liabilities 904,614 951,669
Long-term debt 14,092,172 15,648,715
Bonds 7,451,384 11,187,817
Lease liabilities 5,469,463 5,467,676
Total debt 34,813,325 38,559,270

Issuances in Capital Markets

Debt type 4% Bond 4.5% Bond 2.15% Bond 3% Bond
Issuer SABIC Capital II BV SABIC Capital II BV SABIC Capital I BV SABIC Capital I BV
Format 144A/RegS Senior Unsecured 144A/RegS Senior Unsecured RegS Senior Unsecured RegS Senior Unsecured
Volume $ 1 bln $ 1 bln $ 500 mln $ 500 mln
Term 2018/2023 2018/2028 2020/2030 2020/2050
Listing Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland
ISIN Code XS1890684688 XS1890684761 XS2228112954 XS2228113762
Documentation See “2020 Bond Issuance Statement” below See “2020 Bond Issuance Statement” below

2020 Bond Issuance Statement

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