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Government Engagement

Governments around the world routinely make decisions that can impact the way we deliver quality and safe products and solutions. For this reason, we see government engagement as a key part of creating understanding about the importance of our products to modern society and sustainable development, and our contributions to the communities in which we operate and live.


Responsible engagement between the private sector and political stakeholders is an important part of effective policymaking. Governments, state-owned enterprises, international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), industry associations and wider society often ask us to share our views.

In its engagements with government entities, SABIC is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. Our activities relating to governments and other authorities meet legitimate business objectives and serve the interests of SABIC and our stakeholders. In all interactions with political leaders and policy makers/implementers, SABIC governance is guided by its Code of Ethics and Corporate Values which set out our commitments to integrity and fair business practices. 

Policies & advocacy

As a materials company positioned between the energy and consumer-goods industries, innovation is the linchpin that connects our business growth with our ambitious sustainability goals. To ensure innovation can thrive, we advocate for common sense public policies, in line with the general industrial policy framework of the markets that we operate in, that support the creation of ground-breaking products that improve lives, protect our environment and enhance the economic vitality of our communities.

We do this through memberships in chemicals, plastics trade associations, and through upstream and downstream partners, as well as the broader manufacturing sector.

Key issues:

  • Adherence to the highest environmental, health and safety standards
  • Access to our products for consumers around the world
  • Sustainable development and the transition to a circular economy
  • Emissions reductions and energy efficiency
  • Green energy networks
  • Stable and predictable regulatory frameworks
  • Governance and business ethics
  • Job creation and global competitiveness
  • Advances in innovation and technology development
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Cyber security and data privacy
  • National strategies for development

Political Contributions

SABIC refrains from making direct political contributions in any country in which it operates.

Associations, memberships & alliances

SABIC participates in a variety of issue advocacy coalitions and associations that seek to advance policy proposals focused on key priorities for the petrochemical industry and the company. These include but are not limited to:

  • ABIQUIM (Brazil Chemical Industry Association)
  • ACC (American Chemistry Council)
  • AICM (Association of International Chemical Manufacturers)
  • ANIQ (Mexico Chemical Industry Association)
  • CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council)
  • CIA (UK Chemical Industry Association)
  • CPCIF (China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation)
  • GPCA (Gulf Petrochemicals Association)
  • Hydrogen Council
  • ICC (Indian Chemical Council)
  • MI (Methanol Institute)
  • PCEP (Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform)
  • Plastics Europe (European Plastics Industry Association)
  • SCIC (Singapore Chemistry Industry Council)
  • VNCI (Dutch Chemical Industry Association)
  • WPC (World Plastics Council)

SABIC also supports initiatives run by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), which represents chemical manufacturers and producers around the World. Furthermore the company participates in a number of industrial confederations that advocate for manufacturers more broadly.

Did you know?

SABIC also participates in several business alliances focused on advancing sustainable development and innovation. For more information on our strategic partnerships and how to partner with us, visit our page here. For more information on our product stewardship engagement activities, visit our page here.

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