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Every year, packaging achieves greater performance.

Advanced plastics mean food can last longer and retain some nutritional values, products can be lighter and easier to transport, and waste can be dramatically reduced. At a time when consumers want their packaging to have minimal impact on their health and the environment, plastics offer sustainability benefits – from light weighting to recyclability – that make it the natural low-impact choice. Today, SABIC innovations even make it possible to create polymers from renewable feedstocks, so our customers can create high performance food and beverage packaging that is certified as 100 percent renewable.

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Rigid Packaging - Food & Beverage

Today, processors are faced with increased market requirements for convenience, safety and cost efficiency. In addition to looking good, packaging has to keep products fresher longer while preserving their taste and smell. Moreover, being lighter, reusable and complying with stringent food and safety regulations also need to be offered. So it is essential to manufacture packaging that meets these requirements in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way.

Rigid packaging non food

Rigid Packaging - Non-Food

Non-food rigid packaging is a growing and versatile segment led by Household Care, Cosmetics, Personal Care along with other consumer products e.g. Paint, Oil, Lubricants.

In addition to our leading HDPE unimodal benchmark grades for blow molding applications, by broadening our portfolio with a bimodal & multimodal HDPE range, we are building on our position as one of the leaders in HDPE bottle solutions in Household Chemicals. As well, strengthening our position in the injection molded PP pails & containers with our advanced PP product family. Reliability in supply and commitment to our partners with interchangeable materials from multiple global production assets

Rigid Packaging - Industrial

Large containers for non-food packaging ranging from 5 L up to 1,000 L.

SABIC is offering the whole portfolio of materials covering jerry cans, tight & open head drums as well as intermediate bulk containers. One of the industry leaders supplying material solutions for industrial packaging of dangerous goods. Your partner for Developing mono- and multimodal HDPE to meet current and future industrial containers’ requirements

Jerrycans Rigid packaging SABIC

Flexible packaging Food Peppers

Flexible Packaging - Food & Beverage

The flexible packaging industry is constantly evolving to meet ever-increasing consumer demands for new shapes, high transparency and easy-opening packaging, along with impeccable surface appearance, attractive graphics, microwave convenience and the trend toward pre-packed foods; while complying with stringent food & safety regulations.

Brand owners are being challenged to deliver all this, while at the same time lowering their carbon footprint and being good stewards of the environment.

SABIC offers services and material solutions that enable stronger, safer, cleaner and more sustainable packaging options compared to traditional materials. Its innovations in flexible packaging significantly contribute to minimizing food waste.

Flexible Packaging - Non-Food

SABIC holds a leading position in the non-food film market in terms of market developments and by having one of the broadest portfolios of film solutions in the industry.

SABIC works continuously with its customers in the flexible packaging industry to help reduce the environmental footprint of plastic packaging. As manufacturers continue to focus on reducing packaging weight and the consequent carbon footprint of plastic packaging.

Flexible packaging - Technical Film

SABIC work continuously with its customers to help reducing the footprint of plastic packaging in divers industries such as Building & Construction. SABIC is supporting them by developing new product solutions.

Flexible packaging-Industrial

Industrial films are generally used for primary or secondary packaging (e.g. heavy duty bags, industrial liners) and tertiary packaging for product unitization and logistics purposes (e.g. stretch film, pallet shrink, stretch hoods, bubble wraps). SABIC provides a wide range of film grades meeting the demands of both film converters and end-users. We also provide expertise in formulation development and film analysis.

Industrial film non food

Foam packaging food

Foam packaging - Food & Beverage

The food packaging industry is constantly evolving to meet ever-increasing consumer demands and to provide more consumer convenience; while complying with stringent food & safety regulations. Foam packaging with multiple type of shapes can provide protection, thermal isolation, and special physical, chemical needs. For instance, a foam food container is a disposable container for various foods, including beverages. Polystyrene foam is in one of the most common types of plastics used for foodservice packaging. Polyethylene foams are also used for closures and seals.

SABIC provides a wide range of foam grades meeting the demands of foam producers, converter and end-users. SABIC also provide expertise in foaming process.

Foam packaging - Non- Food

Protective foam packaging for non-food fragile and/or high value products is suitable for a multiple applications from delicate pottery to furniture and consumer electronics and any items requiring cushioning or protection. it can be designed with many of high performance cushioning foam materials and systems. SABIC provides a wide range of foam grades meeting the demands of foam producers, converter and end-users. SABIC also provide expertise in foaming process.

Foam packaging non food


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