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Circular Economy

Advancing a circular economy

Advancing a circular economy is critical to a more sustainable future. We are pursuing circularity across our operations and throughout our value chain, with the goal to ensure the products we create and the materials we use are not wasted, but rather reused to create additional value.

We also believe circularity extends to our carbon neutrality commitments. We are implementing new technology and processes to pursue a circular carbon economy, helping us achieve carbon neutrality and circularity. By capturing and utilizing carbon as a resource.

Achieving the circular economy cannot be done alone and we are proud to collaborate with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders throughout the value chain. This mindset is informing all our efforts from product design to industrial processes to carbon capture and utilization. 

Our approach to circularity

Our vision of a circular carbon economy centers on creating a system where all value chains loop back on themselves. This includes product design and development, and our industrial processes including capturing carbon-containing gases and utilizing them as valuable inputs in feedstock.

To establish this circular carbon system, we are advancing a strategy and set of innovative solutions that focus on four pillars – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Remove:


Finding ways to directly lower the amount of carbon generated and released into the air.
We are integrating renewable power generation into our operations – working towards interim targets of 4 gigawatts (GW) of renewables by 2025 and 12 GW by 2030.



Capturing gases that would otherwise be released into the air and incorporating them into solid or liquid carbon products.
One of our joint ventures became the first company in the Middle East to produce certified circular methanol from captured and purified CO2.



Advocating for increased plastic recycling around the world.
We are stepping up efforts with our TRUCIRCLE™ solutions to accelerate a circular economy for plastics, including the scaling up of advanced recycling solutions and helping to reduce the incineration of used plastics or plastics entering the environment.



Finding ways to remove CO2 that has already made its way into our atmosphere.
One of our affiliates in Saudi Arabia has built and operates the world’s largest carbon dioxide capture and purification plant.



SABIC embraces circular carbon economy

A world first

In partnership with the Circular Carbon Economy National Program (CCE-NP), we delivered the world’s largest carbon capture utilization hub in Jubail. We are proud to partner with CCE-NP and the Saudi Ministry of Energy to invest and create carbon capture infrastructure. Our voice and leadership will help reach the Saudi Vision 2030 goal of becoming net zero by 2060. We are using captured carbon and converting it into feedstock for our industrial processes. This approach helps us reduce our emissions while delivering increased value.

Carbon Capture plant

Closing the loop on plastics

Our aim to achieve a  circular economy is inspiring us to adapt our processes to the use of renewable and recycled feedstock, to create durable, recycled product solutions for our customers.

To achieve this vision and advance circularity, we have pioneered industry-leading product solutions through our TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio, which collectively showcase our circular innovations and help manufacturers produce more sustainable products. Our vision is that plastic should never end up in the environment, landfill or in our oceans but instead be reused and remade into new products.


TRUCIRCLE™ is our comprehensive solution to offer our customers more sustainable products, to help  drive circularity, and to offer solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions.

TRUCIRCLE™ encompasses:

  • Design for products that have better recyclability characteristics.
  • Certified circular products, made through advanced recycling of difficult-to-recycle used plastic.
  • Mechanically recycled products to improve recyclability and end-use properties.
  • Certified renewable products from second-generation bio-based feedstock.
  • Closed loop initiatives to recycle plastic back into high quality applications and help prevent valuable used plastics from becoming waste.



Learn more about TRUCIRCLE™


We set a target of processing one million metric tons of TRUCIRCLE™ solutions annually by 2030.


Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh -- CEO SABIC

Circularity in Action: Certified Circular Polymers

SABIC was the first petrochemical company to commit to scaling up the advanced recycling of difficult to recycle, mixed and used plastic.

Our long-term vision is to scale up the supply of our certified circular products for global customers. Our world-first advanced recycling unit in Geleen, The Netherlands, is set to contribute to this vision by increasing the production of certified circular polymers and expanding the possibilities of our TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio.

Learn more about our advanced recycling unit »

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