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Building & Construction

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Architects and builders are looking for new solutions to satisfy public demand for environmentally responsible structures, meet current and upcoming regulatory requirements and achieve recognition through programs such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification system.

SABIC offers a versatile thermoplastic sheet portfolio, which includes solid-, multiwall- and systems sheet. These products offer lightweight, ease of installation and energy conservation making them an excellent choice for a variety of structures and applications.

For the global water management industry, SABIC offers equipment manufacturers and service providers solutions for corrosion avoidance, light weighting and measurement accuracy.  With its extremely low water absorption and long-term fatigue performance, NORYL™ resin is widely used today in products ranging from filtration valves to water meters.

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SABIC offers a product portfolio that can meet outstanding balance of requirements like light weight, impact strength, stiffness etc. It also offers various solutions to meet functional aspects like thermal insulation, fluid storage and delivery, sealing and protection, lighting, sound proofing, aesthetics etc. Our technical experts can work with the architects to select the right choice of materials to meet the exact requirements. SABIC products are suited for commercial and residential buildings including large commercial structures.

Large Architectural Projects

Building on a legacy of leading-edge products and long-term experience in large architectural projects including train stations, airports, infrastructure, sporting venues like soccer stadiums etc, SABIC continues to push forward with state-of-the-art materials designed to help our customers achieve competitive differentiation through unique designs, safety, durability and comfort. Next to SABIC’s outstanding products they also offer architectural- and design support to a level unmatched in the industry. Excellent and durable sealing performance can be achieved by using SABIC elastomeric products.

Outdoor, Lawn & Landscape

Our wide range of materials provides architects with broad design flexibility in applications for both inside and outside living environments. From intelligent glazing materials for greenhouses, pool covers, conservatories and verandas that help to block heat by reflecting heat and cut down glare, to robust glazing with double-sided UV protection for porches and carports that can withstand high wind and snow loads, our solutions are lightweight, unobtrusive and flexible to enable the optimal in- and outdoor experiences. SABIC also offers elastomeric solutions, which can be used in pond lining and synthetic pavements that can improve the look and feel of the outdoor ambience.

Water Management

 Global water availability and quality are critical needs for our future. Global trends of urbanization and an expanding population are pressuring the current distribution and treatment infrastructure. Products in constant contact with water require unique materials that provide long-term durability and hydrolytic stability. Oftentimes, metals are not the optimal materials of choice due to corrosion or total lifetime cost. With over 30 years of experience, SABIC is a pioneer in metal to plastics conversion for water applications. We can help the global water industry meet today’s goals and overcome tomorrow’s challenges with advanced material and design capabilities tailored for whole system performance.

Pipe & Utilities

Pipe network owners and pipe converters are looking for material solutions that will increase the performance and lifetime of pipes used in infrastructure, industrial, domestic and agriculture markets. SABIC offers advanced materials that allow installers easier and cost-effective installation of pipes, having a better resistance against increasing pressure and temperature requirements.

Between 2015 and 2025 worldwide investments in infrastructures are expected to grow from 5.6 to 7.9 Trillion US$ per year, close to 4% growth. Global Demand for Plastic Pipes will similarly grow from 26 to 40 Million tons per year.

The drivers behind this growth are global urbanization and population growth, especially in MEAF and Asia. In Europe the focus is more on replacing existing infrastructures with smarter and better solutions.

Everywhere, consumers are looking for sustainable products that ensure their health and safety; and specifiers want high performance, reliable solutions with low total cost and extended lifetimes.

In many cases plastic pipes are competing with more traditional materials like concrete and metal.


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