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Sustainable Solutions

Innovating in Support of a Sustainable Future

Innovation is central to our success in advancing sustainable practices and products, connecting our growth with important sustainability goals and helping advance a more circular economy. Through technology and innovation, investments, and external collaborations, we are advancing new products and delivering technical and process improvements across our petrochemical, agri-nutrients and specialties businesses.

Whether it’s the development of new products using recycled materials, process improvements that reduce emissions, or collaborations with industry partners to minimize environmental impact across the value chain, we’re progressing solutions that address these challenges.

Our approach is framed around three strategic priorities that support our vision of being the preferred leader in chemicals.

Feedstock Optimization

Optimizing feedstocks in our petrochemicals and agri-nutrients business to help us increase flexibility and competitiveness, drive new market growth, and deliver cost efficiencies all while advancing our sustainability commitments.

Technology Advancements

Investing in research and development to pioneer new technology that provides customized materials and solutions to our customers across the numerous industries we serve.

External Collaborations

Establishing an innovation ecosystem with external collaborators expands our capabilities, allows us to acquire new competencies, and deliver groundbreaking ideas and technological transformation.

Advancing new solutions

Our goal is to deliver more sustainable products that create value for our customers without compromising performance. Thanks to the investments we’re making in new sustainable solutions, our products are designed to build customer confidence by lowering carbon footprints, decreasing unnecessary waste, increasing safety, and more!

Scroll down to see examples from across our businesses.

Circular Polymers

TRUCIRCLE™ is our set of comprehensive solutions to accelerate a circular economy for plastics, including the scaling up of advanced recycling solutions and helping to reduce the incineration of used plastics or plastics entering the environment.  
The newest addition to TRUCIRCLE™ are our ocean bound plastic solutions. Using advanced recycling processes, we are turning used plastic that could potentially end up in our rivers, waterways and oceans into high-performing, durable materials for our customers.
Our extensive portfolio of chemically upcycled materials helps mitigate plastic waste while providing sustainable packaging materials to the food, cosmetic, and consumer goods industries.



BLUEHERO™ is our expanding ecosystem of materials, solutions and expertise designed to support the world’s shift to electric power and a low-carbon future. The initiative’s starting point is the support of the automotive industry’s mission to create efficient, high-performing and safe electric vehicles, with an emphasis on improving structural battery components with unique flame retardant thermoplastics and solution development expertise.


Ammonia plays a significant role in the agri-nutrients sector, supporting global food production and agricultural sustainability. Building on years of efforts, we delivered the world’s first commercial shipment of independently certified blue ammonia, a low-carbon alternative to conventional ammonia. Blue ammonia is a low-carbon energy carrier and feedstocks for various applications in agriculture.
By operating the largest carbon capture and utilization plant we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions during our production process and reuse it for commercially viable products like ammonia.

Field of grain
SABIC specialties


Through our Specialties business, we help customers in advanced technology spaces develop products, applications, and solutions that respond to their sustainability needs and address the impact of emerging technologies that are defining the economies of the future. For example, solutions for the net-zero economy, the circular economy and the 'fourth industrial revolution' which includes artificial intelligence, robotics and the roll out of 5G infrastructure and smart devices connected to the Internet of Things.

Portfolio Sustainability

Innovation in technologies including carbon neutrality, circularity, process and operational improvements, product solutions and other sustainable applications is a key driver of our research and development efforts. Approximately, 55 percent of our patent applications in 2022 were related to sustainability.

To track our ongoing investments in and the development of sustainable applications and products, we have implemented the Portfolio Sustainability Assessment (PSA), a methodology that is sponsored by the Word Business Council for Sustainable Development. In 2022, the assessment was applied to a broad part of our business, helping to identify products with strong sustainability performance-related benefits such as contributing to reducing our customers’ carbon footprints or conserving resources. Moving forward, SABIC’s PSA will enable us to accelerate the sustainability performance of our product portfolio.


Our efforts to push for a more circular and sustainable future have garnered recognition. See recent acknowledgments below:

Sustainability Leadership Award

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) recognized SABIC TRUCIRCLE™ solutions using recovered ocean bound plastic to make flexible packaging materials.

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Packaging Innovation Award

SABIC’s closed-loop collaboration project with Brand owner Kraft Heinz was recognized with a silver trophy in the Packaging Innovation Awards.

Learn more

Environmental Packaging Award

Our project with Brand owner Kraft Heinz won a Gold accolade in the Environmental Packaging Awards 2023.

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Edison Awards

Five Edison Awards in 2023 for our innovative solutions.

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Unilever Transformation Award

World leading consumer goods company Unilever presented SABIC with its Transformation Award "Partner with Purpose" , in recognition of outstanding delivery and contributions.

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